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John and Jenny : Part I

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The moment Jenny knocked on the door she immediately felt her pussy flush. Despite the incredible amount of detail with which she and John discussed everything, she still felt she had no idea what to expect. She stood patiently, her bag full of clothing weighing her shoulder down – and waited. When he finally opened the door, he stood there in his loose-fitting sweatpants and tight T-shirt. He smiled knowingly at Jenny but didn’t move or say anything. Jenny sensed some slight awkwardness and smiled wryly at him.

“Hi.” She said as plainly as she could manage. Her insides were going wild but she fought down the excitement to exude some sense of control.

“Did you already forget one of the rules?” He asked dryly. She looked up at him, unsure of what to say. Then suddenly she made the connection.

“I’m not to speak except to respond ‘Yes, Sir’ or if you ask me a question.”

“Good, so yo...
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An American In Paris

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The air clung to me, thick with humidity. One of those oppressive Parisian days, hot, sticky and uncomfortable. Not a great day to go shopping, but a girl has to keep in practice.

I've lived in Paris for about a year. What a shopaholic's paradise. Someone with my addiction to spending money doesn't take long to find her way around. Rue du Bac has the exciting Conran shop, Boulevard Raspail is bursting with those typically French boutiques with their snooty ‘madames', and my favorite, Rue de la Seine is lined with the most fascinating antiques shops you will ever see.

Paris has a strange ability to look shabby and worn on the outside, but be incredibly exciting and vibrant when you get to know it. Unlike the men I've met here so far, who are just the opposite. Oh well, maybe I'm just too fussy, but it does explain why I often go home alone.

More often than not the carrier bags you get in the boutiques are more op...
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Gas Station Hottie

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Tessa had been alone now about a month while Johnny was overseas working. She had contact with him daily through email and conversed weekly on the phone. Although she yearned for more, she was content with what she had at the moment until his return.

Her daily routines were the norm, go to work, come home, clean up, and busy with photography, a book, or working out. Anything at this time was convenient to keep her mind of being alone. The normal day to day life was mundane, but she knew what Johnny had talked about this being very beneficial to their getting back on track financially. He didnt enjoy being away from her, anymore than...
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(Faith) Oh no, not my toes! I hope those two girls don't hear me. Damn him. OHhhh.

I knew wearing this bathing suit would drive him nuts but I had no idea how it would affect me. I feel so naked and exposed. I feel so .horny. God I have to fuck Rod soon or I am just going to embarrass myself. At least I have company, the two girls have bikini's on even though they aren't thongs like mine. Well good, at least Rod will pay attention to me. Oh, he is finally moving up my legs, God I love massages but here in public? Damn. Rod, please just put lotion on me, forget the massage, please don't do this to me in public, I whispered to him. He never listens, expecially when his cock gets hard like now.

(Rod) She is hot. The time I spent on the toes is paying off. I just love to squirt the lotion on her in a stream then rub it in. It looks just my cum and very sexy looking. Ouch! I need to adjust my cock, it's all cramped up but those two babes are watchin...
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Faith and I have been living together for some 3 years now and were working hard to scratch out a life for ourselves. Let me describe us first, I'm 6' tall and resisting getting old, I like to keep my hair short and my package nicely trimmed. I'm a successful manager at a local hospital and fell in love with my best employee. Faith is my secret lover and friend. This thin hunk of woman can be simply described as a wet dream in person. 5' 2" maybe 105 lbs, with a body crafted by the gods. Beautiful breasts (b cup) and the cutest tight ass in the neighborhood. With her small waist and flat stomach, her ass is even more the center of my attention and most breathing men she slips by. Faith is a sexy woman who loves her man and loves dressing so that his eye stays on her. We met at work and had been carrying on a hot secret love affair under the noses of everyone. Us two love birds are living in sin and have been living simply and below our means so that the crushing de...
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"Jon definitely did her ass," Sam announced as he returned carrying his clothes. His cock, buried in a nest of dark hair, also hung limply and glistened in the lamplight.

Petra moved to her husband and examined him closely. "You're still coated in cum, aren't you? Here, let me clean you off before you sit down."

Petra knelt, took Sam's cock into her mouth, and very deliberately sucked him until she was convinced that her husband's member was spic and span. By the time she finished, Sam was semi-erect and seemed well satisfied.

"Did you leave something for me?" she asked Sam.

"Go find Jessica and see for yourself," he responded.

Petra clapped her hands and grinned. She rose and hesitated for only a moment before deciding to shed her clothes there in front of us. Her small, firm breasts sported erect nipples and her form seemed to curve forward, accenting her...
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There were more than a few suggestive comments when we returned to the den. Things like, "Boy, that was quick!" and "Wish I was a fly on the bedroom wall," and other teases. I noticed that Kris was now sitting on the soft, sandwiched between Jon and Sam. Naturally, Jon had his right arm around Kris and he was toying with the collar of her blouse. Kris' hands were in her lap, pressing her dress down between her legs.

"Looks like you acquired a couple of admirers while I was away," I chuckled as I surveyed the sofa scene.

Kris looked a bit peeved and I figured that she was upset with me being with Petra. I was wrong!

"The guys kept trying to look up my dress," Kris fussed. "I had to sit this way to keep them at bay."

I turned to Jon. "Did you get a shot of my wife's pretty blue panties?"

Jon grinned. "I just got a brief peek before she notice...
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Later that day, I was out in the backyard clearing some brush from under the trees and I noticed Jon standing on his back porch. He was drinking a beer and watching me. I paused and waved him over. He went inside briefly and sauntered over with two beers in his hands.

"Hi neighbor," he began, "I brought you a beer, sort of as a peace offering."

I took the beer and clicked bottles with him. "Thanks, I can use a cold one right about now."

We stood in silence for a long moment before he spoke again. "I guess you caught me pretty good last night. I'm sorry for losing my cool and getting fresh with Kris. Tina really gave me a hard time about it. I guess you both saw me messing around, huh?"

"We saw enough, Jon," I agreed. "Shit like that happens sometimes when people have had too much to drink. If I was going to go ballistic, I would have done so last night, so don't wo...
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The next morning, Kris woke up with a splitting headache. I got up but she just rolled over and groaned.

"What happened last night?" she mumbled. "I feel like I was hit by a train."

I looked down at her nude body and felt sorry for her. I wasn't feeling all that great myself, but I wanted coffee and something solid to eat.

"You partied a little too hard, I think. Time is on your side, you know. Take it easy and maybe you'll feel better by noon."

"How did I get home," Kris asked before I could retreat.

I looked into her bleary eyes and smiled. "Tina and I half-carried you home and then we put you to bed."

"I should have left when you did," she admitted. "After you were gone, Jon started getting crazy and he wouldn't let me leave until I had another drink."

Not wanting to get into the details of what had...
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We were in another world when we were transferred from West Coast to Texas. Before, we only knew a couple of our neighbors and seldom saw them socially. At the time, we were in our early twenties. Our Texas neighbors were party animals and we were quickly assimilated into the group. We met the nearest neighbors during the first few days, found that they all drank a lot more heavily, and enjoyed partying very late.

Soon, we were invited to join the neighborhood gourmet club. The first club dinner was two doors away and started with a lengthy bout of appetizers and drinks. Later, we had a fine dinner with copious quantities of wine, then after dinner drinks. We staggered home very drunk.

My wife heard the other wives discussing what they called the 'hangover hots.' It seems that several of the couples (more used to a lot of booze) enjoyed heavy sex sessions, after either the gourmet dinners, or early the next morning. Jon, one of our next-door neighb...
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