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Nile didn't do it consciously. She didn't plan for it beforehand, she just found herself doing it on that night in a strange city where she knew no one, although later she realized she'd been preparing for it for years. She knew where the leath- er bar was from her evenings spent combing through copies of Drummer magazine, reading every article and story, getting hot browsing through the "Dear Sir" sections and reading select ones out loud to her lover: "Whipmaster seeks slaves; must be ready to submit to my EVERY desire-no fakes-no phonies. You will experience pain and the desire to worship." And the photos! Something about photos of gay men together, especially in black leather and denim, cocks ringed and nipples studded, was more erotic to her than most photos of lesbians she had ever seen.

At first her male SM lust frightened her. She went through her period of worrying that she wasn't a "real" lesbian, tha...
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We stepped off the plane in Jamaica and the company rep was waiting with our car. Because of work and social obligations with the large company staff in Jamaica, Sondra and I had little time to misbehave. Finally, we were finished, and at our host's suggestion, we asked the chauffeur, Samuel, to come up to our room to arrange an island tour the next day (our last full day on the island). Samuel was a good-looking man, older than us, very black, with a trace of gray at his temples, and that wonderful island accent. Sondra and I had been drinking since lunch, and I offered Samuel one, which he accepted. After talking about the different island sights and routes we could take, Samuel asked to use the bathroom. Sondra smiled at me and said, "Did you see the huge lump in Samuel's pants?" I smiled back, "And I guess you plan to investigate further?" Just then, Samuel returned and sat down. We talked a little more, and then I said I was tired and would see Samuel i...
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Vacation Does Not Count Chapter 2, "“The Hotel”"

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The next day, we caught a short island-hopping flight to our next port-of-call. It was the opposite of our little cottage. This time, we were staying at a very posh, high-rise resort hotel.

After checking out the view from our room, which overlooked the huge pool, Sondra unpacked, stripped and donned only her bikini bottoms and went out onto the balcony. She stretched, letting the sun warm her skin, and I'm sure more than a few people at the pool had an opportunity to observe that she has a magnificent set of tits. I stepped out on to the balcony with her, just as the man from the next suite did. He introduced himself to us and offered us a beer. His name was Brian and when he returned he couldn't take his eyes off Sondra's chest as we talked. After a few minutes, Brian's wife, Janet, joined us on the balcony. She was wearing a conservative one-piece bathing suit and her mouth literally fell open when she saw Sondra. She regained her composure and emphati...
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Last year, I was recruited by a large international company based in London. The package that they offered me was too good to turn down, and one of the most pleasant perquisites was a working tour of the resorts it owned and managed. My wife, Sondra, was thrilled at the prospect and we lined up her parents to watch the kids for the five week trip.

Sondra and I have been married for fourteen years, and have three kids. We are both 34 and fight the battle against aging, with Sondra winning in spectacular fashion. At 5'4" Sondra carries a hard, firm body with beautiful legs, a tight ass, slim waist and absolutely marvelous, large, high, round breasts on a perfect 108 pound frame. Always the perfect "lady," bordering on "prim and proper," I was looking forward to seeing her in the tiny bikinis and revealing one piece bathing suits she had purchased for our trip. I had especially enjoyed closely examining the results of her major "bikini-wax&...
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The Masseuse

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“So tell me, how did you get my name?” asked Sergio while he was in the process of setting up his massage table.

“I got it from Donna Atkins, she says you come very highly recommended.”

“Well, I’ll thank Donna next time I see her,” Sergio replied smoothly, as he finished up snapping the last table leg into place.

“Now tell me, what kind of trouble are you experiencing?”

“Uh, it’s my back, mostly,” Sami Winthrop replied. “I have a lot of stiffness in the morning when I try to bend over.”

“Mmmm, I see,” he replied thoughtfully. “I’m pretty sure we can help you with that. If you would please disrobe and climb up on the table we can get started.”

Samantha knew that she would be removing her clothing, but when it finally came down to it, she couldn’t help but be a little bit embarrass...
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College Neighbor

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The sounds of sex could be clearly heard through the thin walls of my college room. There was a squeaking bed, heavy breathing, then not long after a male groan, followed by silence.

Sarah looked at me quizzically. "Can they hear us when we do it?"

I was in my first month of college, and Sarah and I had hooked up pretty quickly. I was beginning to think it had been a mistake; she was a smart, good looking, but unexciting in bed. I was a horny freshman, and wanted to fuck half the girls in college in every possible combination.

"I guess so." I said. "She's never mentioned it, but we don't really talk."

My neighbor was Lucy, and probably number one on the list of girls in college I dreamt of fucking. She was blond, beautiful, with proud tits and perfect heart-shaped ass. Unfortunately she was also one of the many in college entitled from a privileged background. They all knew one another fro...
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This all happened a few years ago while on a long weekend get away to Ft Lauderdale. We booked a beautiful ocean view room on the beach for a weekend of sun and fun. After checking in late that afternoon, I put on my swim trunks and told my wife I was heading to the pool. She said she wanted to freshen up and would meet me at the tiki bar. After a quick dip in the pool I went to the bar and ordered a couple of margarita's.

At least thirty minutes had past, so I started to walk back to our room when I noticed another tiki bar around the corner and my wife was sitting there talking to a gentleman. When I walked up she asked how my swim was and then introduced me to James, a good looking casually dressed black man from Jamaica. My wife is a real looker and I noticed how fresh and sexy she looked in her bright yellow loose fitting top and a short colorful summer wrap she bought just for this trip. It caught my and James eye at the same time when my wife gently leaned ove...
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Neighbours II

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“You look so sexy you fucking slut, open that horny, old cunt for me, I’m going to fuck the shit out of you, you dirty, slutty old whore.”

“Oh, Josh, I want to be your mature slut fuck, tell me I’m your whore. Tell me how you want your big, hard cock in my wet cunt, tell me, tell me how you’re going to fuck me, Josh, I want your young cock to fill me full of cum.”

This was a side of Gail that I had never seen. How long had their relationship been going on? She obviously loved to play the old slut to his young stud. I was both shocked and incredibly turned on by this display and I released my cock from the confines of my pants. My erection was incredibly hard and I stoked it slowly.

“Turn around and get on your hands and knees, you horny slag and show me your ass,” Josh said as he removed his shirt.

“Yes, I will, I will but show me your cock first, I want to see it.&rd...
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Neighbours I

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I folded the newspaper and laid it on the table, all bad news I thought as I drained the last half-inch of coffee from my mug. Gail was at the sink washing the breakfast dishes. I never tired of looking at my wife; it was always a good sight, particularly the way she was dressed now, in shorts and a t-shirt. I gazed at her shapely legs and lovely ass and felt a twinge in my loins. She had splashed some water onto her shirt and I could see the profile her large, left breast and hard nipple against the wetness.

I stood up, grabbed my mug and dropped it into the sink and gave Gail a kiss on the neck. She smiled and flicked a blob of soap suds onto my nose as I picked up the tea towel. As I dried the few items and placed them aside I was becoming very sexually aroused. Gail had always had this effect on me and now, after 35 years of marriage, I wanted her as much as ever, even though I had to find out something, somehow. I threw down the towel and went behind her, wrapping m...
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Amateur Night At A Strip Club

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This adventure occurred years before we got into swinging; looking back, this may have been the beginning of our swinging.

On a road trip, my boyfriend and I discovered a classy looking strip bar. We went in. I was dressed in black: a low-cut satin top with lace bra, leather miniskirt (no panties), stockings, garter belt, and heels. He was in dark colored, full cut slacks (bulky enough to hide a hard-on; no underwear), and short sleeve shirt. We were pleasantly surprised: it was well lit, tastefully decorated, smelled clean, and had a nicely-dressed clientele of including some women. There were three dancing stages and perhaps 8 or 10 girls doing table dances.

We were ushered to a booth by a handsome, hunky guy - on the side of the main stage. Our very hot sexy waitress, in a gold sequin bra, G-string and heels, took our order and I immediately turned my attention to the dancer on stage about 8 feet from us. I had never been i...
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