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Date: April 15, 2019 (4 months ago)

From where the camera is, medyo I can see more of Ed's back than Irish's back. His broad shoulders and muscled arms are covering the thin frame of Irish.

"I can't see you guys."

"Ay sorry po sir."

Irish remained on bed, nakaupo. Ed stood up and brought the phone and the dock closer to bed. Pinatong nya near the lamp shade. From such angle I can see Irish more than Ed, which is much better. But I can still see Ed from behind my girlfriend.

Puwesto uli si Ed sa likod ni Irish. My girlfriend went on all fours. Ed's face was buried in her cunt again. I can't see what he was doing but the look on my girlfriend's face was that of pleasure.

Camera rolled for almost a minute before Ed sat on the bed. I could see his large cock, fattened by his cock ring, tigas and tigas. Pinaupo nya si Irish. Kita ko between my girlfriend's legs na naka-sentro na ang burat ni Ed. Dahan-dahan, Irish held his cock and guided him inside her.

Irish went, "Ohhh…." She stopped. Shifting her body a bit. Ed's cock was still not inside her.

"Ang sikip nyo mam…"

"Ang laki mo kase kaya hindi ko mabigla."

She tries again, and the cockhead of Ed disappeared. She moaned.

Then Ed pushed her hips down, papunta sa kanya. Irish sank his cock deeper into her. She was moaning quietly, with her forehead wrinkled and her mouth open.

Ed placed his hands around her breasts. Nilamas nya uli. He kisses the back of my girlfriend.

Irish moved lower on Ed. Then yelled, "Ahhhhhhhh….!"

I thought she's passed out. I can't see Ed's cock anymore, it's now inside her completely.

Then a profanity from my honey, "Putang-ina!"

Then she started moving up and down his shaft. Slowly. Ed was not moving. Steady lang legs nya sa kama although ang kamay nya nasa mga suso at nipples ni Irish.

Nag-umpisa syang kabayuhin ni Irish. Up and down my gf went on his solid rock hard shaft. Ed looked relax, raised his arms and placed his hands under his head.

"Sige mam, kantot lang po kayo."

"Yessss!" Irish growled.

Bumilis si Irish. Whenever she would go lower on Ed's cock, she would moan. Her lean, tight, athletic frame and plump breasts looked so erotic on Ed's shining muscled body. Video was at 30:11 when I heard her first orgasm.

"Fffffffffuckkkkkkkkk!" she screams. She sat more deeply on Ed. She just sat, hindi sya kumilos. Mukhang ninanamnam nya ang laki ng burat ni Ed sa loob ng puke nya.

Ed was not moving as well.

"Are you close?" tinanong sya ni Irish.

"Hindi pa po mam, naka-cock ring po kase ako. Para magsawa kayo."

"Thank you…"

Then my girlfriend rode him again. Ed this time reached around her body and started playing with her clit. Kitang-kita ko daliri nya sa ibabaw ng puke ni Irish.

Irish kept moaning. She rode Ed harder this time. Lalong mukhang ang nipis na katawan nya dahil sa laki ng katawan ni Ed. She kept pumping on him, up and down. This went from 33:08 to 37:22, during which Irish must have had three orgasms at least. I can see her juices on his cock. Ang kintab ng burat ni Ed because my girlfriend's dripping cunt coated him with thick white liquid.

Tapos tinulak sya ni Ed. He's going to do her dog-style. Irish's face was so close to the camera, but I couldn't see Ed clearly. Nag-focus yung cam sa mukhang ng girlfriend ko.

Ed was starting to pump her from behind based on her reactions. Her movements and her facial expressions, and Ed's moaning, made it obvious she was being fucked hard from behind. She was moaning loud and breathing loud. I can hear our bed getting pounded. Ang tagal nilang nakakantutan, nasa 41:00 na halos ang time stamp sa video when he dog-styled my gf.

Then Ed slowed down a bit. Irish turned to him, "What? Why did you stop?" as she was catching her breath.

"Mam, medyo nagdudugo po kayo."

"Don't stop, hindi naman masakit."

With that, Ed fucked her harder. And harder. Irish moaned and groaned. Halos tumalsik pawis nya sa camera. Umuga buong katawan nya. Bumigay ang braso nya, she was on her elbow while getting hard fucked by Ed. Camera went from 41:00ish to 45:00ish, then Ed screamed.

Linabasan sya sa loob ni Irish. My girlfriend was not moving, nakasubsob sa kama on her elbows, nakataas ang puwet. Ed collapsed on the bed.

I was speechless.

Irish started moving a bit. Si Ed hindi kumikilos para kita kong nakahiga pa din sa kama. My girlfriend stood up and grabbed her phone.

Without saying a word, she aimed the camera to her cunt. "See that luv?"

She had her own cum and some of Ed's sneaking out of her whole. Puting-puti ang katas nila. Then she fingered a portion of her hole, and showed on the edge of her finger yung blood nya.

I went, wow.

Tapos she aimed the camera on Ed's body, going to his cock. Puno ng tamod, pero medyo matigas pa din dahil sa cock ring. Irish ran her fingers on his shaft. Meron din a bit of blood.

Then humiga sya sa abs ni Ed.

They were both not saying a word. Ed placed his arms around my gf.

"How are you luv?"


"In a good way?"

"Yes. Never been fucked that way before. No offense honey."

"None taken honey."

"I need a shower."

Ed was still playing with her breasts while we're talking.

"Yes you look wasted, my lady."

"Oo nga e. Shit. What time do you go to the airport?"

"In 20 minutes."


"Sir aalis na po ba ko?" Ed asked.

"It's up to you, Irish."


Irish did not respond right away, but turned to me. "I need him to fuck me some more, honey."

"Luv let's talk privately."

"Ed, labas ka muna ng room please," Irish told him.

Ed grabbed a towel and wrapped it around him, then stepped out of the room.

Irish was curious why I wanted to talk to her in private.

"Honey, did I do anything wrong? Lumampas ba ko sa ine-expect mo?"

"Hindi naman honey, I'm just concerned because nagdugo ka na naman."

"It's like the last time. Alam mo naman sabi ng OB-Gyne ko di ba, I have a weird condition na maliit talaga vaginal opening ko."

"I know that's why I am more worried."

"Is it my fault that my hole is 30% smaller than average according to my doctor?"

"No it's not. It's good news to me in fact."

"Yes but it's prevented me from enjoying sex for many years. Ngayon ko lang naramdam 'to honey."

"That's why I support your adventures my luv."

Then she fell silent.

"Lance, I love you. You mean the world to me. You know that."

"Love you too. And yes I know that."

"You think I'd crave for Ed and not for you?"


"Good, because that's just silly. In fact, I want this to be the last time with Ed."

"Up to you. But why?"

"I am still yours and yours alone. Ayokong laspagin nya katawan ko. When he fucks me, I feel so cracked up-open. Parang bukang-buka ang buong katawan ko."


"Look at my cunt," sabay lapit ng phone sa puke nya.

"Ngayon ko lang nakita na nabiyak ako ng ganito. Masarap pero I don't want it to become routine."

"Because you're afraid you won't enjoy unless the cock is as big as his?"

"Not that. I like his sex. I don't like him. I don't love him. And it's not as pleasurable without affection."

"I see."

"Pagtapos ko labasan, yun na, n...
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