10 Best Sex Positions For Getting Pregnant

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#1 The Cat

This one is similar to the standard missionary position. He enters you, then he moves his body up slowly until he's as high as he can get without hurting either of you. Instead of thrusting he grinds into you slowly in small circles, which will stimulate the clitoris and guarantee an orgasm, which is believed to be the most important part of conceiving.

#2 The Shoulder Stand

A pleasing one for all that allows your hips (and uterus) to be in a different position than in just missionary. Start by lying on your back and let him leans in front of you. As you wrap your legs around him, he helps lift you up and enters you. Put your weight on your shoulders, it won't be long before you're both satisfied.

#3 Hit the Spot

Some fertility problems are caused because the uterus is positioned slightly differently to normal. This is a good one to get your hips positioned differently and it allows him to enter from a different angle. He will lean forward with his arms on either side of you and enters you.

#4 The Spider

This one looks pretty tricky, but it just takes some basic maneuvering. Face each other on the bed, then lie back, followed by the man until each partner's head in between the other's legs. Then bring your knees up and hold onto each other's legs. From there, simply do slow, wiggling movements.

#5 The High Dive

You don't necessarily need a bed for this one and it's a nice workout of core strength. He lies down flat and you get on top of him, but instead of spreading legs (like in the cowgirl position), you keep them together and angle your hips towards his.

#6 Kneel and Sit

He will need to be willing to kneel for a while. Have him kneel (on the bed or cushions) and then you sit on his lap with your legs spread along the sides of his body, then you slide onto him. You get to control the speed and penetration.

#7 Scissors

This is a nice, intimate position to share with your partner. Lie down, facing each other and put your top leg over his hip. He will need to grab your bum and you will need to push your bottom leg against his leg as he enters you. This position leads to a lot of stimulation.

#8 Melody Maker

This is a fun one! Get a small ottoman or chair to sit on. Lean backwards so your head is pointed down and then let your man lean between your legs and enter you (He might need to hold your hands or part of your back to support you... unless you like it that rough!)

#9 The Wrap-Around

Have the man sit on the bed (or floor) with his legs outstretched. You then climb on top of him, wrapping your legs around his torso while he pulls you towards him. Move up and down at whatever speed you both enjoy.

#10 Speed Bump

This is a unique one. To perform it, you need to lie out flat on your stomach with a cushion under pelvic area. Have him lie on top of you as you spread your legs and let him enter you. Guaranteed orgasm for you both!

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