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Teresa woke up suddenly in a cold sweat.

'It was just a nightmare,' she thought to herself as she cradled her heavily pregnant belly. 'Just another nightmare.'

As she stood to get out of bed, the baby inside of her belly kicked, and hard too, as if he somehow sensed his mother's distress.

Teresa smiled and looked over at her American husband. It had been little over a year since he had come to the Philippines and swept her off her feet. Now they were married back in the States and she was eight months pregnant with their first child. Hopefully the first of many.

She decided not to wake him and went downstairs for a glass of water after slipping on her silky night robe. Admittedly, it was more than a little frustrating that her husband hadn't really touched her all that much during the pregnancy. Especially now in the third trimester, she often found herself horny and lonesome. There was only so much masturbation that a girl could take though.

Teresa went down to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water from the sink. The tap water was good enough. She honestly didn't understand these Americans and their obsession with bottled water and filters and all that garbage. It all tasted pretty much the same to her.

Out of the corner of her eye, Teresa could have sworn that she saw something moving in the shadows... something dark and fast. Cautiously, she called out to it.

"Hello," she said timidly. "Is someone there?"

But there was no response.

She cautiously waddled over towards the dining room, just to make sure that her mind wasn't playing tricks on her. This late into her pregnancy, walking around was rather difficult, but Teresa managed nonetheless. When she didn't see anyone -- or anything -- in the shadows, Teresa breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Slowly, she made her way back up the stairs and into bed with her husband. He was still asleep, so she kissed him gently upon the lips and then lay down and rolled over. Teresa had trouble getting to sleep... hell, by this point she found it difficult just to get comfortable! But gradually, she found a nice position laying on her side and started to drift off.

The last thing that went through her mind before she fell asleep was the time. Looking over at the clock, she saw that it was only a little past midnight. There was still plenty of time until she had to be up and cook breakfast. At least she didn't have to go into work today!

Unfortunately for Teresa, she had even more nightmares... her dreams were full of terrifying visions. Fire and bloodshed, demonic creatures taunting her, and then... something else... something rather unpleasant... not quite like falling. No, it was more like someone or something was laying on top of her chest, preventing her from breathing.

Teresa struggled, trying to get air... air for herself, and for her unborn child.

And then she woke up, her body once again sticky with sweat and fear.

It didn't help matters any when she looked up to behold a hideous ghoul sitting upon her chest. It was a truly loathsome creature, with black, parchment like skin and long spindly limbs. Its face was rather like that of a rodent, with bulbous, blood-shot eyes and a row of fearsome looking fangs in its mouth. The creature was drooling too, drops of saliva falling upon Teresa's engorged breast.

She immediately knew what the creature was -- an aswang! A bogeyman out of Filipino legend that preyed upon pregnant women! Teresa had never believed in such things, of course, but she knew it well enough when she saw it. She had grown up hearing those stories from her abwelo, from her grandfather. Those stories used to scare her when she was little, but now... now she was face to face with a monster.

Teresa wanted to scream, to get out of bed, but she couldn't! It was as if she were somehow paralyzed with fear! She tried to look over, to get her husband, but just out of the corner of her eye, she could see that he lay dead beside her! His throat had been torn out and his blood spilled across the bed! This monster -- this aswang -- had killed him!

Tears started to build up in Teresa's eyes, and yet she still couldn't make so much as a sound.

The creature -- the aswang -- seemed to grow excited off her fear. It lick its crocked fangs lavasciously, more drool dripping off its slimy tongue. Teresa shuddered at the sight of it. The aswang brought its gave down over Teresa's full, lush pregnant form. Its eyes stopped as it took in the full splendor of her bulging, nine-month pregnant belly. It seemed to... laugh...

Slowly, it brought its long, spidery fingers down onto her body. She could feel its sharp claws nimbly tracing their way down her chest, between her ample breasts and down her bulging, pregnant belly. It stopped just short of touching her crotch, sending a slight tingling sensation through her nether regions. Teresa hadn't had sex in a long time -- far too long, in fact -- and her pregnancy had only made her more sensitive. She hated herself for it, but a mixture of abject terror and her overactive hormones was making things that much worse.

The aswang seemed to be amused by the pregnant woman's plight, once again laughing maliciously as it sat, still perched upon her chest.

Ever so nimbly, it tugged at the silky fabric of her night gown. When the lingerie didn't slip off immediately, the aswang grew infuriated and began to tug harder. Soon it had slipped both of her breasts out of the garment and exposed them. Her milk engorged and very sensitive breasts lay out on her chest, her labored breathing causing them to go up and down. The creature looked at them greedily, sending a cold chill down Teresa's spine.

She knew exactly what this foul little creature wanted.

Carefully, it began to touch her breasts, it's claw-like fingers pinching her nipples. Her breasts, now extremely sensitive to any stimuli this late in her pregnancy, were filled with a mixture of both pain and pleasure. Although she still couldn't move, a slight moan of pleasure could be heard from her. The aswang just grinned, its razor sharp fangs looking all that much more menacing.

It resumed playing with her ripe, full breasts, bringing its head down so that it could suck at them. Waves of ecstasy were washing over Teresa, even though she couldn't actually move an inch. A few drops of milk dribbled out from them, trickling over her body.

The creature stopped its torments -- at least for the time being -- and stood up. Much to Teresa's horror, she could see a hideous and nearly fully erect cock stirring between its legs. She was repulsed at the thought of being violated by this... thing... this aswang. Yet before she could even so much as think about the trauma it was about to inflict upon her, it disappeared.

Faster than the blink of an eye, it jumped down to the foot of her bed and pulled the sheets down from her lovely pregnant body. Slowly, it began to slip her night gown up, revealing her full, shapely thighs. Teresa had always had always been a very petite girl, but she had been blessed with a very nice figure and her pregnancy only served to round her out, increasing the curves around her hips and breasts.

The aswang kept that same wicked grin upon its face as it started to undress Teresa. It grew increasingly excited as it slid the night gown down and off her, revealing more and more of her nubile body. Before Teresa knew it, she was stripped down to nothing more than her panties, her delicious copper brown belly gleaming in the moonlight. The aswang terrified her as it rubbed her belly, sending another shiver down her spine.

Even laying in her prone position, Teresa could still see the creature in all of its horrid little details. Its obscenely large cock was now fully erect, and looked truly massive against its hunched and withered form. The hideous blue-black skin on the throbbing phallus made her shudder. It was horny, and it wanted to fuck her now! Teresa knew as much just from watching it. Not that she had much choice in the matter of all.

She was still more than a little surprised at how roughly the aswang tore off her panties, exposing her naked cunt. Teresa was already a little wet down there from the creatures manipulation of her sensitive, pregnant breasts. She could hear it giggling sadistically. And then she felt its fingers -- oh God, those grotesque little talons -- rubbing against her fertile cunt. As another wave of sensations wracked her body, Teresa could feel it sticking its little hand in there.

But that was only the beginning. Soon, something bigger was pressed up against her body. Looking back down at the aswang, she saw the bulbous tip of its huge dick pressed up against the entrance to her womanhood. She didn't have the time to prepare herself as it shoved the full length of its cock all the way into her.

Every thrust was full of agony and ecstasy, pain and pleasure. Teresa's breath grew increasingly ragged as the creature violated her nether regions. She had slept around, back in the Philippines, before she met her husband. Teresa was no stranger to sex. Yet she had never felt anything this big being stuck inside of her vagina. She was horrified and frightened, and yet at the same time, her body was betraying her. In her state, everything was amplified... she could feel an orgasm rising in her loins, even as she was being raped by some nightmarish creature out of Filipino legend.

Teresa could feel herself moaning, sighing in pleasure. She closed her eyes as the strain of accommodating such a huge member stretched her pussy. And then, she realized that she could close her eyes! It was of little comfort to her. She still couldn't move, and was extremely uncomfortable in her state, but at least she didn't have to see the creature!

She was breathing heavily, beads of sweat forming across her brow, breasts and full pregnant belly. The aswang was becoming even more aggressive in its violation, and she could feel her body, her entire bed even, starting to move back and forth with each thrust. That such a small creature could have so much force made it that much more frightening. As if he could sense the trauma his mother was going through, the baby inside of her womb kicked, sending a wave of pain through Teresa's entire body.

"Aghh," she screamed out in pain.

The aswang seemed disturbed by this. It stopped thrusting into her and pulled out, a sticky trail of juices spilling out of her body. The aswang looked up at her, its round yellow eyes literally bulging out of its head. Climbing over her body, it brought itself face to face with her and snarled, baring its fangs. Teresa felt fear that she had never experienced before in her life.

Then, seemingly satisfied that Teresa had been cowed into submission, it clambered back down between her full, womanly thighs and began to rape her again. Yet, for all of its supernatural power, the aswang didn't seem to notice Teresa's hand slowly moving. It was difficult, but she could move. With nothing more than sheer force of will, she dragged her arm across the side of the bed and over to the dresser.

The creature didn't seem to hear her slide the door open and begin to blindly reach around, feeling for something -- anything -- that could help her fend off her unnatural assailant. She felt a book, an old framed photograph, various old buttons, but nothing that she could use as a weapon. And then, as if by some stroke of luck, some miracle, she felt something narrow and metal.

It took her a moment to realize just what it was -- her grandfather's old balisong! She remembered, back when she was a little girl in a tiny village in Mindanao, how her abwelo had given it to her in secret.

"May this always protect you," he told her, "From aswang, from multo, from tiyanak, from manananggal, from all the evil in the world!"

Teresa could feel the aswang continuing its assault on her womanhood. If this creature wasn't truly evil and wicked, then she didn't know what was! Slowly, she flicked her wrist and brought out the balisong's blade. She could move now... not completely, but just enough, she hoped.

Lost in its own self-gratification, the aswang didn't notice as Teresa bolted up and lunged at it, jamming the balisong into its head, straight between its eyes. It shuddered, for but a mere moment, and fell over dead. Teresa was still tense and her breathing labored, but looking down upon its lifeless corpse, she could see that the nightmare was finally over. She sighed, and then tried to stand up...

It was just then that she felt a huge contraction wracking her body with pain. She fell to the floor, a feeling of warmth between her legs. Teresa realized that her water had just broken! That ordeal must have caused her to go into labor!

'Shit! Shit! Shit!'

Teresa couldn't think straight. Her husband was dead in a pool of blood, and she had just been raped by a monster that she once thought only existed in fairy tales. Once again, Teresa tried to stand up, but couldn't lift herself. As another contraction struck her, she started to cry out, hoping in vain that one of the neighbors might hear her and call an ambulance. No such luck. A moment later, Teresa passed out from the sheer pain of it all.

All she could remember was blackness. No nightmares, just black.

When Teresa finally awoke, she was in the ospital, and she was going into labor. She didn't question it. Quite frankly, after her experience, she was just happy to be safe. The nurses talked her through the entire process, and she gave birth to a healthy boy.

"Congratulations," the doctor said. "He looks to be perfectly healthy. You're a very lucky woman, especially after all you've been through."

"What do you mean," Teresa asked, baffled as to how the doctor -- anyone really -- could have known what happened to her.

"You don't remember," the doctor said, slightly surprised. "Well I suppose that's not surprising. You look like you've been through a lot. Someone had broken into your house... raped and assaulted you."

The doctor put her hand on hers, trying to comfort her.

"You're very lucky that you're baby is healthy," he continued. "Most premature deliveries aren't so fortunate. He's a real fighter!"

"And what about my husband," Teresa said, trying to sit up.

"I'm sorry," the doctor replied. "He was dead before he even got here. There was nothing we could do. You should count yourself lucky that your grandfather stopped by to visit you."

"My grandfather," she said. "But..."

"Yes," the doctor replied, pointing to an elderly Filipino gentleman standing outside of her room. "He said that he tried calling you and got worried when you didn't respond. He decided to check up on you, and that's when he found you and your husband. Like I said, you are a very lucky woman."

Teresa looked over at her grandfather. He simply smiled and waved, then walked off sadly, disappearing into the hustle and bustle of the hospital staff. Teresa didn't have the heart to tell the doctor that her grandfather had been dead for years, and that he was buried in a tiny graveyard more than 8,000 miles away. After the experience that she had, Teresa no longer doubted the existence of the supernatural. And now she knew that her abwelo was always watching over her.

"You know," the doctor said, sitting down next to her bed. "The police are still investigating your house... they are going to want to talk to you before you leave."

"I understand," she replied.

"But first," the doctor said as he stood and began to leave. "I want you to get a good nights rest. You need it."

Before he left, the doctor turned back around and smiled at her.

"So what were you going to name your son anyway," he asked. "Just out of curiosity?"

"Miguel," Teresa said, looking into her newborn son's eyes. "Just like his abwelo... just like his grandfather..."

"That's a very good name," the doctor said.

Neither of them knew it, but young Miguel would have a great destiny, for he was born with a need to protect... to protect his mother, to protect his family, to protect the world. From that trauma his mother had received, and from that exposure to the supernatural before even leaving the womb, Miguel would always be touched by otherworldly forces. And one day, he would grow up to become a great hero. He would pick up his great-grandfather's balisong and become a great slayer of monsters... But that... that is a story for another night.

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