John and Jenny : Part I

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The moment Jenny knocked on the door she immediately felt her pussy flush. Despite the incredible amount of detail with which she and John discussed everything, she still felt she had no idea what to expect. She stood patiently, her bag full of clothing weighing her shoulder down – and waited. When he finally opened the door, he stood there in his loose-fitting sweatpants and tight T-shirt. He smiled knowingly at Jenny but didn’t move or say anything. Jenny sensed some slight awkwardness and smiled wryly at him.

“Hi.” She said as plainly as she could manage. Her insides were going wild but she fought down the excitement to exude some sense of control.
“Did you already forget one of the rules?” He asked dryly. She looked up at him, unsure of what to say. Then suddenly she made the connection.
“I’m not to speak except to respond ‘Yes, Sir’ or if you ask me a question.”
“Good, so you read the rules. And you memorized them?”

“Yes, sir…” She replied. She felt her heart already beginning to pound in her chest. This was intense already. She was aching for it all, she’d been longing for this for years.
“Good girl,” he replied and suddenly smiled deeply, which put Jenny at ease. She felt herself smile too, apparently suddenly remembering that she has known John for years. Finding out this side of his life had come as such a shock to Jenny that she was still processing what all of it meant for them and their friendship.

Don’t think about friendship, Jenny thought to herself. We talked about this – this is purely about sex. We were lucky enough to discover this mutual interest and we are allowing each other to enjoy it. Just take it all in.
She took a long, deep breath.

“You’re going to do something for me before we get started,” John spoke so suddenly it startled her from her stream of consciousness. She was about to speak, but then caught herself before she made the same mistake twice. Realizing she was already thinking like a real sex slave sent another wave of wetness through her panties. She looked up at him innocently and waited.

“We’ve done a lot of talking about all of this. All we’ve done is talked. I’m still not sure you’re 100% for real, so I’m going to let you convince me. I want you to get down on your knees right now and suck my dick. Right here. Do it now.”
Jenny’s already racing heart quickly shifted into overdrive. He wants me to what?? I’m standing outside his apartment door!

Reading her mind, John smiled his classic smile that she knew so well. “I know that someone could walk out of their door at any minute. That’s part of the fun. It also proves your dedication to me, and to our little project here. Whatever you’re worried about doesn’t matter anymore - all that you should be thinking about is obeying me and acting immediately on every command. You’re already waiting way too long. I told you to get down on your knees. Do it now.”
It’s now or never. Jenny knew there was no question. She was made for this. She hasn’t had a dry pair of panties in days thinking about this.

She dropped quickly to her knees and snuck a quick peek in both directions.
“Don’t look at anything except me. Unzip my pants, take my dick out.”
“Yes, sir.” Jenny replied and did as instructed. She quickly reached up and unzipped his fly, digging around inside his pants. She found his rock hard dick and gently maneuvered it out of his pants.
She had never been with John before and didn’t know what to expect in this department. She was pleasantly surprised.

“Everything about you during this time is about what you’re holding in your hand. Nothing matters to you except pleasing this dick and pleasing me.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Start sucking.”
“Yes, Sir.”

She did as she was told. She started slow, and suddenly realized she was incredibly nervous. She had done this many times before but felt now that her performance, her technique, whether or not she was any good at it was suddenly on display for the world to see. But she remembered what John had told her – It doesn’t matter what I think or feel during these two-hour periods. John will tell me exactly what to do and I will simply obey and do it. There is no way to not please him as long as I’m a good girl.

She relaxed a bit and started taking him deeper and deeper, feeling the hint of her gag reflex. She felt him pushing himself deeper into her throat and her body trying to resist it. She tried her best to relax.

“Ok,” John said, abruptly removing his now soaking dick from her willing mouth. “Good girl. I’m glad you’re serious about this. Now let’s get you inside before someone sees you!” He laughed and grabbed her hand and lifted her up, grabbed her bag up off the floor, and hurried her inside.

What Jenny saw inside John’s apartment startled her a bit. His usual arrangement of furniture was shuffled around, creating an empty space in the middle of the living room. In the center of the cleared space was a single chair. What she saw next to the chair sent yet another wave of wetness through her pussy, this one so strong she felt her stomach buckle a bit: A small pile of ‘toys’ that John had mentioned, and she recognized them immediately. Handcuffs, a blindfold, some bottles of lubricants, condoms – and a few things she was unsure of. But she couldn’t wait to find out.

She realized how comforted she was by the absence of any whips, chains, or other ridiculous torture-esque devices. She had fallen in love with John’s attitude toward this little game. His words echoed through her mind as she stood quietly in his apartment awaiting another command… this is a beautiful game for two people to play. Deep within men there is a desire to dominate and take what he wants, and deep within a woman there is a desire to be dominated, to be submissive. It shouldn’t be about pain, that’s masochism and I’m sorry if you’re into that, but I’m just not interested.

What I care about is you offering yourself. What I care about is you being able to completely alter your state of mind for a period of time, to not be a person but an object whose specific function is to please me. And in return I will reward your submissiveness with incredible pleasure. If you’re the kind of girl who is into it, there is simply nothing hotter.

Jenny was snapped out of her little reverie by the feeling of John’s strong hand grasping her arm.
“Walk to the chair.”
“Yes, sir,” Jenny replied, naturally.

She walked over into the empty space John had prepared for them and stood in front of the chair. John walked over to the great bay window and shut the blinds, and turned on a switch that flooded the apartment with light. He walked over and sat in the chair and looked up at Jenny and smiled.
“I’m so happy you’re here. I’m so glad we’re doing this. It’s all I’ve thought about for days. I’m assuming you came prepared.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Tell me what you did to prepare.”

“Yes, sir,” Jenny replied, feeling the tightness in her tummy that always came with arousal. “I took a shower immediately before I came here, scrubbed every inch of myself clean. I removed every bit of hair from my pussy and my crack, as you commanded. I read through our agreement and memorized all of the rules.”
“And you feel prepared? You’re ready to go, for real?”
“Yes, sir.”
“OK. Take off your shirt.”

And here we go, Jenny thought. She had already been awaiting the first real command and was eager to prove to herself that she could be good at this. Realizing her life long fantasy was coming true sent her head spinning a bit, but not a full second passed from John’s command before her hands grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted it quickly up over her head.

“Good girl. Kneel down and fold your shirt on the floor in front of you.”
“Yes, sir.” Jenny knelt down before her master and did as she was told, carefully folding her shirt with slightly trembling hands.

John spoke again, calmly but authoritatively, leaving no doubt in Jenny’s mind that she was in good hands – the hands of someone who knew what he was doing; knew how to make this fun, passionate – and damn sexy: “Stand. Take the shirt over to the dining table and place it on the table, then return back to your spot.”
“Yes, sir.” She did exactly as she was told, and the moment she returned to her spot in front of him John was ready with the next command.
“Remove the pants. Do the same thing, kneel down in front of your master and fold them neatly.”

“Yes, sir.” Jenny slowly peeled down her tight jeans and repeated the process of folding them and walking them over to the table, and returning to her spot. All of this detail, his almost militaristic method, it was forcing the anticipation to grow inside of her like she could not believe. But John knew it – she could tell by the slight hint of a smile on the side of his mouth. She walked carefully back to her spot and knelt down in front of her master.

“One of the rules was regarding your hands. To show your submissiveness, your hands are always to be either behind your back or behind your head. You’ll fix that the next time you walk back to me, so that we can focus on pleasure here and not have to have any discipline.”
“Yes, sir, I’m sorry, sir.” Jenny replied, realizing she had indeed forgotten one of the major rules already. It was rule number two, second only to her only having need for the words “Yes, sir” when interacting with her master.
“Stand up now. Turn around.”

“Yes, sir.” Jenny did as she was told and felt John’s fingertips find their way to her upper thighs.
“Good girl,” John said, continuing. “Bend over just slightly and spread your legs a few inches.”

“Yes, sir.” Jenny replied automatically and followed the commands exactly. She bent over a bit, understanding that she was presenting her ass to her master. She put a little arch into her back for good measure, something she remembered seeing in a porno once. She shuffled her feet apart just a bit. She immediately realized upon spreading her legs that she was absolutely soaked between her legs. Her panties felt cold as the soaking wet fabric was exposed to the cool air of the apartment. She was momentarily embarrassed by it, but quickly settled herself, assuming that John would like it.

As soon as Jenny created a little space between her legs as commanded, John’s hands began immediately fondling her thighs, squeezing them strongly but carefully, his large hands almost wrapping all the way around her thin legs. He made a thong out of her panties by pulling the back together and tucking it neatly into her ass crack. Feeling the fabric pull up between her soaking wet pussy lips almost sent her over the edge and she quivered slightly. John slowly and softly ran his fingertips up her leg, starting from her calves and slowly making their way up her thighs and along the cleft of her ass. It felt incredible. He gave a few gentle spanks on her ass cheeks and then she felt her panties peel out of her crack and slide quickly down her legs.

“Step out of your panties,” John ordered.
“Yes, sir,” Jenny replied.

“Take them and put them on the table with the rest of your clothing.” John gave out a small sound, about to say something else, but then quickly stopped himself. Jenny knew exactly what he was going to say: He was going to remind her about her hands when she walked back. He stopped himself because he wanted to see if Jenny would remember herself. They may be embarking on this sexual adventure together for the first time, but she’s known John for almost ten years and was thankful now for how well she knew his little quirks. She gave a quick ‘yes, sir’ and walked her panties to the table.

She felt so slippery between her legs it made walking naked a little interesting. As she placed her panties on the table, she turned around and methodically placed her hands behind her back, one at a time, grabbing her elbows. She made a glance at John who smiled knowingly and looked satisfied with her performance so far. She walked back, and kneeled back down in front of him, keeping her hands in their submissive position, knowing she would need to get used to keeping them there.

“That’s a very good girl. I’m proud of you,” John said with an enormous smile. “I hope you keep up this level of obedience because then I will be able to pleasure you as a reward. And trust me, knowing you earned the pleasure this way makes the orgasm wilder and more powerful than you can even imagine. Keep being such a good girl for me and you will find out for yourself.”
“Yes, sir.” Jenny replied, of course.
“Kneel up, don’t sit back on your legs like that.”
“Yes, sir.”

“Spread your legs. One of the rules is that your legs are never to be together unless I specifically command them to be. They are always spread and your pussy is always available to me. It’s one of the ways you show your submissiveness to me, just like your hands.”
“Yes, sir!” Jenny exclaimed as she promptly shuffled her knees along the floor and created some space between her thighs.
“That’s better, slave. Good girl.”

Slave. Good girl. The words were like velvet to her. She felt a drop of wetness escape her throbbing pussy lips and drip down her leg. She realized just how much she was made for this. She wanted this more than anything. She wanted to please John in every way he ordered, she wanted to make him so happy, and she wanted the sweet reward that he promised to her for being a good girl. Her mind started to wander to the ways he would do it - Would he put his tongue in her pussy and lick her clit until she came? Maybe he would tie her legs apart and fuck her? Imagining getting fucked like that, entirely helpless but entirely unafraid, it sent her mind reeling. She wanted it all, and she wanted it now.

John got out of the chair and knelt down on the floor next to Jenny. He played with her body some more, almost naked except for her bra. His hands squeezed their way around her body, starting with her thighs, then gently caressing her flat tummy. She couldn’t help but follow the path of his hands with her eyes, but John reminded her to stare straight ahead and be absolutely still, and she happily obeyed immediately. She started thinking about why her bra was still on all this time. Jenny had always been a bit self-conscious about her tiny tits, and John knew this. Did he not even think her tits were worth taking out? She wanted the bra off, she felt a bit awkward having only that on. As John’s hands made their way around her body he shuffled himself over and positioned himself behind her more. His hands moved up her tummy and onto her tits and he gently caressed around her bra and up around her neck.

“Take your bra off now.”
“Yes, sir.” Jenny exhaled a bit and did as she was told. She unhooked the back of her bra and coyly let the straps slip down her shoulders. John took over and took the thin bra in his hands and tossed it off to the side. Jenny was totally naked now, and she felt it. The anticipation was starting to feel a little overwhelming, but she wasn’t sure for what. Part of her just wanted to fuck already, but the rest of her wanted to just follow the orders, knowing that that’s what it’s all really about. Just do what you’re told and let it all be, she reminded herself.

John spoke. “Good girl.” He shuffled himself back over to her side where he could get a better view of her tits. “I saved the best for last. I’ve wondered for years what your tits looked like. I always wondered if you have little pink nipples since you’re a redhead! I’m so glad to see that you do.” He slid one hand up her tummy and the other hand up her back and cupped one of her small breasts.

“Barely even a handful.” He said. “Amazing. I could bust my load right now just playing with these perky little tits.” His every word was like the thrust of a good fuck and Jenny’s heart was racing like mad.
“I want you to take your hands and put them behind your head,” John said sternly as he moved himself back to his chair immediately in front of her. Jenny replied with her now-automatic ‘Yes, sir’ and folded her hands behind her head, interlocking her fingers.

John continued, “When I’m paying special attention to your tits, your hands will be behind your head instead of behind your back. Having your hands behind your head exposes your chest to me more, and it also lifts your tits and makes them even perkier. Since they are essentially my tits now, to do with as I please, they are more on display for me this way. If I am playing with your tits, you don’t need to wait for my command to move your hands to this position. It will please me that you understand this and do it automatically.” “Yes, sir,” Jenny replied, making mental note of this, wanting desperately to not make any mistakes. While pain and masochism are not part of the equation here, Jenny had discussed with John what kinds of ‘punishment’ were available should she make mistakes, or god forbid, disobey. It was nothing crazy, but she wanted to avoid it at all costs all the same. They both wanted this to be completely about the pleasure and the submission.

On her knees with her legs spread, her hands behind her head, her perky pink nipples pointing almost upward, John’s hands were busy exploring every inch of his long-time friend’s body. John was thrilled to finally see her naked. While they had never been together in their years as friends, he always wondered what it would be like to have her small, thin body to play with. He still felt as if he were in a dream, hardly able to believe his luck that not only did this incredibly attractive 20 year old feel the same way about him, but that she actually shared this particular lust. It was surreal to him that here she was, naked in his living room, on display for him and doing an incredible job of being obedient.

He sat in the chair immediately in front of her naked, splayed open body, running his hands up and down her thin torso, up and down her thighs, giving her tits the slightest of touches as his hands wandered carefully, patiently. He was careful to not touch her pussy yet, or even let her tits enjoy any real substantial touches. John knew exactly what he was doing. There is no tool more potent than anticipation. The teasing is the most important element of all of this. Right now he is being careful with her, and easing her into everything. But there will come a time in these sessions when he will require some more intense things from his little slave.

Keeping her wild with anticipation, always on the brink of an orgasm but never quite letting her achieve perfect bliss, she will be even more willing to do anything he commands. She will beg for the opportunity to serve her master’s every last wish, just for the sweet release, and that is exactly how this game is played. John wanted Jenny willing. He wanted her to want this, to come to the conclusion all on her own that she must obey, she must please, she must be a good little slave girl before she explodes.

John let his hands wander between Jenny’s thighs. He looked directly into her eyes. She was working diligently on staring straight ahead and staying still as they had discussed, and was fighting the urge to look back into his. John’s fingertips wandered closer and closer to Jenny’s pussy and he felt her stomach beginning to buckle a bit.

“Permission to speak, master.” Jenny said meekly.
That’s odd, John thought. She seems to know better.
“You may” John replied.

“Master, I want to please you and follow the rules. But I am extremely close to orgasm and I don’t think that I will be able to stop it.”

John looked at his slave. Indeed, her inner thighs were entirely wet to the touch, he could see the subtle spasms in her lower belly and knew that she was going to come any minute. This is amazing, John thought. He’s barely touched her. That means that the circumstances alone are turning her on so much and bringing her to the brink of orgasm. She loves this, John thought. She actually is for real with this. The submission alone is enough to make Jenny come and John could not resist an ear-to-ear grin. He was in Heaven.

“Look at me,” John said.
“Yes, sir,” Jenny replied, looking into his eyes.
“Whose pleasure matters here?”
“Yours, sir, of course.”

“Do you think it’s okay for you to have an orgasm before I’ve had mine?”
“No sir, and I want to be a good girl for you more than anything, but I don’t think that I can resist it.”
“You need to try.” John took his hands off of her. “I will stop touching you. Concentrate hard and settle yourself back down.”
“Yes, sir.” Jenny replied.

A few moments of tense silence passed as Jenny tried as hard as she could to think about something else. She closed her eyes and thought of everything from groceries to vomiting, but she could feel John’s presence immediately in front of her. She could sense the control that he so clearly had over her. She could feel that she had given it to him, freely and that she wanted more than anything to please him.

She suddenly thought of the position she was in. She had never been in this position before. She was on her knees, her legs were spread wide, her hands were behind her head and was arching her back to stick her perky tits into the air even more, she was completely on display, completely controlled by this man in front of her. She tried to push this image from her head, but all she could see in her mind’s eye was her own imagined reflection in this deliciously submissive position.

She felt a single, strong buckle in her lower abdomen, accompanied shortly after by a few short spasms. She opened her eyes and looked apologetically at John. John knew she was going to come, that she had gone over the edge. He quickly pushed the chair back and got down on his knees in front of her.

“OK Jenny, you are going to come, but you are going to do it exactly as I say, understand?”
Jenny mustered a faint “Yes, sir” between heavy pants of breath.
“Look at me, right in my eyes.”
“Yes sir”
“Keep your hands up, and push your elbows back a bit. Arch your back, nipples to the ceiling.”
“Yes sir!”
“Spread your legs wider – as far as they will go”

“Yes sir…” Jenny’s breath was ragged and her stomach was buckling harder and harder.
“I’m going to touch your clit. Fight the urge to close your legs on my hand. As I touch your clit push your legs further and further out.”
“Yes sir… oh please! Please!”
“I’m going to touch your clit now.”

John took his right hand and touched it to Jenny’s clit, which was now fully engorged, felt enormous and was throbbing to the touch. He felt her shudder violently as the full throes of orgasm washed over her. With his left hand he took one of her tiny pink nipples and pinched it between his two fingers. He bent over quickly and put his tongue to the nipple and Jenny let out a cry like he had never heard before from a woman. It was raw and full of fire, her body convulsing against his now. Jenny released herself from her position and threw her arms around John as her belly continued to buckle and her pussy spasmed again and again on his hand.

Jenny was far from Earth. She was far from her own body, her own mind, her own sense of her surroundings. As her breathing settled, it began to sink in what had happened. That…was…an orgasm. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced in her entire life.

To be continued...
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