My Conservative Wife

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Date: May 23, 2011 (8 years ago)

This is a true story that happened recently. My wife Jen is 53, 5-3 145, very pretty does not look her age but may wish she could lose a couple of pounds but dont they all. Nice 38d tits that sag just a bit with age. She has always been fairly conservative with sex and her opinions but can joke about sex but just doesnt believe in what people do at times. I knew she fucked another guy early in our marriage and she enjoyed it but then she go very conservative. She can surprise me at times and go braless at times usaully when we are alone and once in a while when we go out.

A few weeks ago we were sitting around and our best friends, John and Karen came over and while we were not expecting company, Jen was braless but was sort of hard to tell she was. Every now and then I would see John looking at them and while we always kidded with each other, nothing more than that outside the usual kidding and sex inuendos were topics. Every now and then I saw Jen's nipples poking out and am sure John saw them as well. Well later in the evening Karen and I were in the kitchen and Jen and John were around the corner in the family room and I happened to look around the corner and he was rubbing her neck like he has before as she loves that done to her but as I was looking I saw as he moved some, his hand brush across her nipple innocently and must have had a reaction as it really was visible. He whispered something like 'whays this' and they both laughed litely. Karen was still around the corner and knew nothing. So I saw John flick it with his finger and she laughed again and pushed his hand slowly away. Mind you, this wasnt totally wierd but there was something in the air that night that was different. They got up to leave and as usual we kissed each other goodbye but I saw john and Jen's kiss lasted a bit longer and looked like he slipped a tongue in her mouth.

We went to bed and I mentioned that she looked bit more exited during night with John and she sidestepped it. But we sometimes fantasize while fucking and tonite I mentioned John's name and got her to react to it as we fucked and she really got hot. After that I had wondered as John would come over more often alone and saw him flirt with her and meanwhile, her fucking seemed to be more intense. I saw them sneak more kisses as I peeked in and they seemed more intimate than a peck or two.
I work midnights so I leave by 11 pm. I knew Johns wife went to visit her mother for a couple of days and the nex day Jen had off. I thought now is the time to see what is happening. I had taken a day off without telling Jen, left for work and drove around a bit.

I waited til like 1130 and rode by my house and saw Johns car there. I parked around the corner and came thru the service door of the garage quietly. I opened the door and there was no activity downstairs so I went near the bedroom and could hear some moaning. The dim light from the clock radio lit the room just enough and when I peeked in, there was Jen, on top, his cock impaled in her, and her riding it like she rides me. This is ths first time I got that close of a look from behind as her cunt swallowed his cock. As my eyes became more adjusted to the dark, the better the view became. They were kissing and he sucking those 38d's and she was loving it. He then rolled her over and started to fuck her as he lifted her legs ups in the air. I heard her tell him it get better each time with him so now I knew he had been fucking her more than I thought. My cock was ready to explode but I had to keep quiet as I really enjoyed watching her fuck. There is no way they could see me. He pumped his cock deep in her and I heard her tell him to cum as she was starting to herself. He pumped all his seed into her and kept it up til he softened. They layed there kissing passionately as his cum oozed out of her swollen cunt. after like 10 minutes she started to suck his cock and told him he had to fuck her one more time and he did.

I snuck back out of the house and wondered what to do. Well I came home at the regular time and she was in bed. I fingered her cunt and said 'mmmm thinking of me already?' It was still wet from his cum but she said she must have had hot dream so I fucked her and told her how loose she felt. Naturally she laughed and said it was my imagination. Right. I am planning to install a cam in the room to see more of the action. I have to say, I really enjoyed her in action and when we are all together, they do keep it sort of cool.
Maybe I will go over and fuck Karen someday but right now, Jens cunt is fine with me
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