Wife's Mixed Chronicles III

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Date: November 22, 2011 (7 years ago)

I happen to know massage. Don’t get excited coz its not the kind of massage you would think, just a basic and simple massage to comfort my wife. She’s really busy at work. Its not the kind of paper jobs, where you have desks and everything.

One time I went visit my gf (now my wife), like usual we would do loads of off work and home chores, there’s always a to do list. We hired a car with its chauffeur to drive us around the city for convenience. Public transportation is fine, as long as you’re not in a hurry. On our case, we were always in a hurry, deadlines are really tough and tight, as tight as my wife’s pussy, hehehe.

When we got home around 4pm, it was really early as after we do have to meet some friends for dinner and drinks. Just like as always, I came from the airport, have to unpack my things, take a shower as my skin is sticky coz of different environment and I think the airplane pressure adds some substance which not friendly for me. After I took a shower, with just a towel wrapped around my waist, my gf went on to do a body shower. While I’m still unpacking things, she finished off and headed back to the room. We talked and we planned to go out early then so we can grab some snacks first. I’m always hungry, of her pussy hehehhe. She already fixed herself again. by the way she was wearing a casual dress, I do allow her to wear one when I’m with her. Casual Dress, with a low neckline, she has the perfect boobs (well in my opinion) 34B. 34B but its really pointy her nipples are wow, pointing up even when not erected her breasts are really soft, and it gets firm when she’s horny. So, that’s her casual dress, and wearing a casual slipper. She would wear shorts inside coz her casual dress are normally short. But this time she haven’t done wearing one and so, I went in the room. The moment I saw her fixing her self I got horny, so I thought well a few rounds before the snack is good, besides ..pussy vs. food? i’ll go with pussy

I haven’t had sex for nearly a month now so, what the hell.

I sat down on the bed, grabbed her, and kissed her, while I slowly positioned her to sit on top of me. We were kissing torridly, rough, and I can hear her moans already. We were kissing and kissing, while I’m already unhooking her bra. After so, I immediately put my hands inside her dress and started caressing both tits. her soft breasts turned firm soon as I caressed and pinched her nipples. I thumb played her nipples and I don’t stop doing on both. She was already grasping for air as I don’t give her any room for a kiss break. She pulled her head a bit off me and inhaled deeply, she looked as me, and with my naughty face, we kissed again, I slowly took off her dress, and totally removed her bra and continue massaging both tits. I slowly shifted my kiss and tongue to her neck where she really loves it and this time one hand of mine is squeezing her butt. with her panty on, it gets me more excited and my brain being filled of what I wanted to do with what’s inside there. Slowly wetting all her neck space, I now kissed one tit after the other. I licked the lower part of her tit with the tip of my tongue. while both my hands are squeezing her butt. I’m a boob and butt person

At first I was sucking her nipples and tits like a baby. Then, I teased her nipples with my tongue while I watched her face, this made her mad and crazy.. “baby … ahhhh… shit … i’m already wet …. my pussy is so wet ..” while still playing, I grabbed and squeezed one of her tit of course gently, kissed and licked her rib sides and asked her ” yeah baby, what do you want me to do with your fucking we pussy .. want me to lick it? want me to fuck it?”.. “baby .. anything” ..during these days her wild side was already starting to rise. She was passive in sex before, and now she starts to make and beg. I said ” if you really want me to lick your pussy and fuck it… show me how we it is first.. i want your panty to be soaking wet before I play with your pussy..” … “ahh baby .. i’m already wet….” While playing with her tits, I slowly touched her pussy from the outside, and it was indeed wet. I pressed my fingers on her pussy and it was already cold wet… “ahh baby … fuck me ..” Wit my cock already steel hardened by the foreplay, I placed and laid her on the bed, spread her legs and looked at her pussy area, her panty was totally wet. I took off my towel and asked her to grab her knees to keep it wide open for me. She’s lying down on the bed and her tits are bulking with both nipples pointing up… makes me wanna suck her nipples again but I don’t wanna spoil the fun. you know too much sucking biting and pinching on that area make cause her pain and eventually my evening and next days will be tit-less foreplay fuck free. so as I was standing in front of her, I stoked my cock and let her watch me “baby, shit, put it inside me…” i asked “which one?” ..”that one…” …i asked again “which one?” …she said… “your cock”. as I know she want it badly… “baby take your wet panty”.. she did took it off, and made her spread her legs still. I saw her pussy so wet, white juices are already visible on her pussy lips. I knelt on the floor slowly, kissed her clit, then rammed my tongue in her pussy “ahhhhh baby …. ahhhhh … God baby … ooooooohhhhhhhhh baby ……” I was licking her juice off her pussy. with her holding her knees, my fingers are very free, I spread her pussy lips and lick the fuck off her pussy. I watched her while I lick and tongue fucked her pussy. I put my tongue inside and as deep as i could, then licked as much as I could. I lip bit her pussy lips.. I teeth bit her pussy lips, spread em, licked ‘em, suck them… I even spit on them and licked them again and again. I know I made her came, i just dont know how many times. .. all i heard was her moans.. her swearing… her mouth… her breathing. I then turned to her ass.. and while my tongue was licking her whole ass, I rammed my nose in her pussy, damn… she loves it very much. She thinks of my nose as my cock, she’s already humping my nose, she wants to fuck my nose. I then concentrated on licking her ass, inserted two fingers in her pussy, and thumb rub her clit. This gave her total ecstasy.

I asked her to release her knees and I knelt on top of her, pointed my cock to her mouth and she sucked me big time. I was holding her head so I can pull her head and make her a rough mouth fucking. I told her to wet my shaft coz I’m gonna fuck her pussy and i’m gonna put it deep. she made me lie down the bed, and this time she’s the one kneeling on the floor. She sucked my cock like there’s no tomorrow. licked my balls, and back to my cock. I grabbed her head off my cock, pulled her legs and I positioned her for us to go 69. I was sucking her wet pussy while she was now sucking my steel hard cock. I was slapping her butt cheeks while doing so.

I moved her on the side and this time, I make her kneel on the bed, I stood on the floor, caressed her pussy and tits from the back, then pushed her head slowly on the bed. It remained her pussy and ass up high, rubbed my cock on her pussy and didn’t stop until she came. when she came, I put my cock in her, slapped her butt and she started fucking me, I stood there and let her fucked me. This time I fucked her, I moved my self forward and backward until my whole shaft can go deep in her. Then I fucked her faster and faster, harder and harder. The harder I fucked her, the harder I slapped her butt, I slapped it one from the other. “you like that baby??? ” ….”ooohh ahhh ahhh ahha hhh ahhh ahhh ahhh …yess …” ….. then I totally pulled off my cock, and put it all back again ..”ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby …”…she loves it… her wild side was starting to grow. and its growing faster. I was already fucking her and pushing her to the wall. I pulled my cock off, and this time I positioned her parallel to the bed, and I made her lay her back on the bed, she should be tired after that doggy fuck, and like I said, I want to have more after this

I inserted my cock and its really easy with her wet pussy, white juices are wrapping my cock and its getting me more and more excited. I put her legs on my shoulders and grabbed on her thighs, lift it up and fucked her, then again, she loves it. I was fucking her hard and just the way she wants it… I would stop and she would continue. I would then fuck her again and again faster and harder..”baby im near… im cumming baby … please dont stop” …i didn’t stop. I kept fucking her and more. ” baby ahhh …AHHH ..AHHHH .AHHHHHHHHH awwwwwHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” and she came again. I pulled her to the middle of the bed as her head was already banging the head board, good thing there’s a foam.

I pulled my cock and showed her its filled with her juice, I put it back in and started fucking her again. This time deep penetration. her legs on my shoulders, I leaned forward, spread my legs a bit, held each others hand and started fucking her. The sound of our muscles and skins rubbing and banging each other with her moans ..”" AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH you’re so deep baby …”… i didnt stop till she said ..aw .. it hurt a bit … and so i released her. I relaxed her legs, and we started kissing again, i rubbed her thighs, her breasts, and I started to pump her. I’m already at the peak of explosion so I banged her so hard, she was already readying herself to watch me cum, and “ahhhhhhhhhh…” i came inside her, and I kept on pumping still, We smiled, and my cum was dripping already down her ass. I pulled my hard cock and took a tissue box with me, She wiped clean herself, I laid down on the bed, and she position herself on top of me. She guided my cock to her pussy. She was already pumping again, and me playing with her nipples and massaging her tits, she was rounding her hips, swirling every move, pumping up and down … and doing her favorite muscle control. she tights her pussy and I can feel the tightness inside her, I pulled my self up and while shes pumping I was sucking her tits and nipples in one way or another, and I kept squeezing and slapping her butt again. she pushed me and I laid flat on the bed, she was already pumping very hard ..” baby .. .im near … ” ..so … i said, yeah baby.. cum for me .. cum and cum … fuck it baby .. “ah baby .. im cumming … ahhhhhh .. .ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..ahhhhhhhhh … ” … she laid rest on top of me … I grabbed both her butt cheeks, and started to fuck her from under, after a few pump ups, she started kissing me again. she did turned and we did a reverse cowgirl. I did fuck her in that position and she was moaning like hell .. “ahhh baby … baby …. ahhhh …im coming … ” … I fucked her faster and faster as i was about to come too … ” ..ahhhhhh” … we both came and at the same time …

I pulled her towards me and rested on top of me … while doing so and with my cock still inside her, I was teasing her clit ..

this went on, this went on and one, I fucked her sideways … that time I was already crazy wild and fucked her to her brains …and we both came … … I fucked her doggy again… missionary .. and with so many times .. I dont know how many times she came, but I know I did came six times that afternoon in a span of two hours. This is how we fuck, maybe because i’m a horny guy.. or her wild side is already evolving, or just simply because we simply see each other once a month and we became a penthouse or playboy rabbits.

after this we immediately took a shower, and dressed up to meet our friends.

After the meeting and night out .. we still had sex and came a couple of times…

next morning came ….

she woke me up with a kiss, a BJ and one hot round of woman on top position….

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