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10 Best Sex Positions For Getting Pregnant

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#1 The Cat

This one is similar to the standard missionary position. He enters you, then he moves his body up slowly until he's as high as he can get without hurting either of you. Instead of thrusting he grinds into you slowly in small circles, which will stimulate the clitoris and guarantee an orgasm, which is believed to be the most important part of conceiving.

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Re-enabled Cam Domains

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Domains, and are now working again.

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The Steaming Diamond

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Sports trainers and athletes have always known about the magical qualities of moist heat. Nothing soothes and relaxes the muscles faster and more efficiently. One of them may have even come up with this technique.

Here's What You Need:

Two washcloths.

One bowl of hot water.

One pair of scissors.

Here's How You Do It:

Before you're going to make love, cut a three to four inch di...
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How to Satisfy Your Woman

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Women have a tendency to be passive when it comes to conversations about sex. You might think that your woman seems to enjoy this part of your relationship. However, you are not sure about what she really feels. Yes, relationship is not all about sex. But sex is something that makes the relationship stronger. It is like a bond that makes you one. There are several things you should know for you to make sure you make your woman satisfied.

1. Men are usually aroused when they see a...
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Top Ten Sex Tips for Men

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Sex is not all about doing it in the bed. The three attributes that can help you in building an effective relationship with women include - your caring nature, communication skills and your confident attitude. ‘Lusty talk’ during sex can help to stimulate women even more. Tease her and make her feel desirable and you are sure to give her orgasm even if your performance is below par.

1. If you sweat during sex don’t worry – sweating men ooze testosterone and...
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Are some sexual positions better than others for conception?

Sadly, no scientific studies have been carried out in this area. However, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of couples having sex in different positions have shed some light on what's going on inside when you're doing the deed.

Common sense suggests that the "missionary position" (man on top) is one of the best ways to make babies because it allows the deepest penetration...
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The Benefits of Female Masturbation

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So far we have dealt with the 'who' and the 'how' but now we turn to the 'why'. Why do girls masturbate? The simple answer, which is good enough for many, is that it is pleasurable, but that excludes many of the recognised and claimed benefits. Below is a short list of the more significant of these:

1. Its pleasurable - it had to be number one!

2. It helps you relax - safer than tranquillisers, cheaper than alcohol and no side effects.

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Walking The Wall

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This is a great way to find find just the right angle to stimulate her G-spot.

Here's What You Need:

Just the two of you.

Here's How You Do It:

Get your woman naked. You, too.

Have her sit on the edge of the bed with her legs apart.

With you standing, enter your woman.

Have her bend her knees, letting her feet rest on your stomach.

As you continue thru...
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What You Need To Know

- You can't go wrong with sensual pampering, like massages and spa-like baths.

- Lingerie is a timeless sexy gift.

- Use sensual treats like chocolate to spice things up.

Let's fast-forward a few days: It's Monday morning, you're standing by the water cooler casually exchanging stories about the night before -- Valentine's Day -- with the guys. What kind of guy do you want to be? The conservative, who

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Here's another classic technique that's become a standard today thanks to the movie "9 1/2 Weeks." If your woman is somewhat shy, it's a great way to introduce some new things in the bedroom. Even if she's not shy, it still feels terrific.

Here's What You Need:

One ice cube.

Here's How You Do It:

Get your woman naked. Have her lie on her back.

Put the ice cube in your mo...
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