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John and Jenny : Part I

Submitted by Jason134
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The moment Jenny knocked on the door she immediately felt her pussy flush. Despite the incredible amount of detail with which she and John discussed everything, she still felt she had no idea what to expect. She stood patiently, her bag full of clothing weighing her shoulder down – and waited. When he finally opened the door, he stood there in his loose-fitting sweatpants and tight T-shirt. He smiled knowingly at Jenny but didn’t move or say anything. Jenny sensed some slight awkwardness and smiled wryly at him.

“Hi.” She said as plainly as she could manage. Her insides were going wild but she fought down the excitement to exude some sense of control.

“Did you already forget one of the rules?” He asked dryly. She looked up at him, unsure of what to say. Then suddenly she made the connection.

“I’m not to speak except to respond ‘Yes, Sir’ or if you ask me a question.”

“Good, so yo...
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