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Vacation Does Not Count Chapter 2, "“The Hotel”"

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The next day, we caught a short island-hopping flight to our next port-of-call. It was the opposite of our little cottage. This time, we were staying at a very posh, high-rise resort hotel.

After checking out the view from our room, which overlooked the huge pool, Sondra unpacked, stripped and donned only her bikini bottoms and went out onto the balcony. She stretched, letting the sun warm her skin, and I'm sure more than a few people at the pool had an opportunity to observe that she has a magnificent set of tits. I stepped out on to the balcony with her, just as the man from the next suite did. He introduced himself to us and offered us a beer. His name was Brian and when he returned he couldn't take his eyes off Sondra's chest as we talked. After a few minutes, Brian's wife, Janet, joined us on the balcony. She was wearing a conservative one-piece bathing suit and her mouth literally fell open when she saw Sondra. She regained her composure and emphati...
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This all happened a few years ago while on a long weekend get away to Ft Lauderdale. We booked a beautiful ocean view room on the beach for a weekend of sun and fun. After checking in late that afternoon, I put on my swim trunks and told my wife I was heading to the pool. She said she wanted to freshen up and would meet me at the tiki bar. After a quick dip in the pool I went to the bar and ordered a couple of margarita's.

At least thirty minutes had past, so I started to walk back to our room when I noticed another tiki bar around the corner and my wife was sitting there talking to a gentleman. When I walked up she asked how my swim was and then introduced me to James, a good looking casually dressed black man from Jamaica. My wife is a real looker and I noticed how fresh and sexy she looked in her bright yellow loose fitting top and a short colorful summer wrap she bought just for this trip. It caught my and James eye at the same time when my wife gently leaned ove...
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My name is Ann and I'm 23 years old. I'm married to a wonderful man named James. We have been friends for 10 years and have been together for 6. Together we have a wonderful sex life. My husband knows that I am always willing to try new things and keep it fresh in the bedroom. I am about 5'7'' with long brown hair, C-cup breasts, 9/10 pants and an athletic figure. James is about 250 lbs. 6'1" with brown hair, a nine inch cock and chest hair. Our closest friend in the world is Alan, we have all been friends since high school and know everything about each other. Alan and I would flirt on occasion and I would feel comfortable talking to him about all the things that I would talk to James about. The three of us have even been skinny dipping together, but I could have never guessed what would transpire one evening in June.

We decided to head down and spend the weekend with Alan, he had been having a rough time at his job, as we all had been havin...
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The Time Of Her Life

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It all started as a ploy on my part to get my wife to loosen up when it comes to sex. How it proceeded was way beyond my imagination. Let begin with I am a 45 year old married father of four grown kids. My very sexy wife Kali is 44 with a body that can and has passed for a lady in her twenties. She is 5 7 122lbs brown hair, blue eyes and a killer 32D 23 35 figure. We have been happily married for 25 years and have enjoyed a reasonably fulfilling sex life. I of course would like more, but my wife with raising four kids has not always had the time or mood for more than 1-2times a week. This changed when our last went to college and our house became empty. She has changed her attitude towards sex and nowadays it is her that is always ready for an almost daily romp. She this summer lost all of her tan lines by laying by our pool naked. She was even interrupted twice by our teenage gardener. The first...
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Two Times Three Agreed (Part 3)

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He stood up from his towel to greet her, his thick cock and huge balls dangling from his waist. She must have gotten an eye full squatting down to pet his dog by his side. And then, to my utter surprise, she suddenly reached up with both arms extended to give him a big hug goodbye. I watched her closely as her white breasts pressed against his brown tanned chest, and his huge cock pressed back against her bare stomach. And adrenaline shot through me at the sight. 

I was excited to see her do that for some reason, and my cock swelled again momentarily at that sight. I was glad he had paid attention to her, it would do her wonders....
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Two Times Three Agreed (Part 2)

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The jets of the Jacuzzi swirled on high causing a continuous stream of bubbles to circulate around my semi-erect dick and testicles. Foam drifted on the surface of the water and collected on my chest. Lifting my arm from the water, I looked at my watch. It was midnight. Buzzed from hours of drinking, I rested my head back on the coping and through my squint eyes burning from the chlorine watched the stacked naked blonde across from me struggle to stand up in the hottub. For more than an hour I had observed the two men with her mauling her large chest, each feasting on a breast, and had heard a steady stream of moans and giggles no doubt indicating that each had already penetrated her with something. 

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Two Times Three Agreed

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I can remember receiving cryptic directions, missing the turnoff three times, and driving past the place twice before I found it. I can remember walking in the back door, giving my name, handing over my drivers license and a credit card, signing a form, and seeing no less than a hundred people mingling around in bathing suits, underwear, and negligées. 

I remember that two female friends, owners of a massage parlor where I lived, had advised me on the appropriate behavior there. 

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Just The Neighborly Thing To Do

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Our sex life is far better now than even before we were married and I didn't think it could ever get any better than that. It's been over a year now since Dan (my husband) admitted his bisexual desires. My first reaction was shock and, I must admit, a little jealously. 

If you've read my first two stories you know by now that my shock and jealously were short lived and quickly replaced with a strong desire to make my hubby's fantasies come true. We talked first about them during sex. I would vividly describe the most beautiful pictures I could conjure up involving Dan with another man and me. The dirtier I made my talk the harder and more excited Dan would get. I drove him wild and realized th...
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Me, The Milf Returns!!

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I just had to write and post what happened last Saturday night. Let me start by saying my name is Kelly. I am happily married to a wonderful man who until a few months ago I had been faithful to for our 24 year marriage. The night a few months ago happened during our college kids Halloween party. I had just fucked my husband silly and was wandering out side when I overheard some of my sons friends commenting that Dannys mom is a fine milf. At the time I did not know what a milf was. I found out soon enough as four of my sons college friends took me into our guest house and I fucked and sucked all of them for three hours, while my husband and son were in a poker game.

Since that night my sex life with my husband has increased dramatically, I cant seem to get enough of his fine cock. He has been asking me what happened to his wife who only wanted sex occasionally. I told him that with the kids gone I was always ready now and had no excuses for not wanting his cock. I...
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Having Sex With Another Mans Wife

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I have sex with married women, and I do so fairly often! But please don't get the wrong impression: I am NOT some Casanova, or a Lothario. I do NOT believe in helping a woman cheat on her husband, and I do NOT condone unfaithfulness. No, when I have sex with a married woman, it is with the full knowledge and approval, and often times at the URGING of her husband. The husband is nearly always present while I have sex with his wife, and often times he joins in to make it a threesome. It is a role I have found I enjoy immensely, and to my delight and amazement, I seem to be quite popular as an "extra man." I am not quite sure why (though I have some ideas), but I am grateful for my good fortune!

So when I was contacted by a husband back in October, asking for me to pleasure his wife, it was not something terribly unusual for me, but as always, it was still quite flattering! As we communicated (initially via email), he revealed that he was in his 40's, but...
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