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Amateur Night At A Strip Club

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By: pinkpocket

This adventure occurred years before we got into swinging; looking back, this may have been the beginning of our swinging.

On a road trip, my boyfriend and I discovered a classy looking strip bar. We went in. I was dressed in black: a low-cut satin top with lace bra, leather miniskirt (no panties), stockings, garter belt, and heels. He was in dark colored, full cut slacks (bulky enough to hide a hard-on; no underwear), and short sleeve shirt. We were pleasantly surprised: it was well lit, tastefully decorated, smelled clean, and had a nicely-dressed clientele of including some women. There were three dancing stages and perhaps 8 or 10 girls doing table dances.

We were ushered to a booth by a handsome, hunky guy - on the side of the main stage. Our very hot sexy waitress, in a gold sequin bra, G-string and heels, took our order and I immediately turned my attention to the dancer on stage about 8 feet from us. I had never been i...
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