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We stepped off the plane in Jamaica and the company rep was waiting with our car. Because of work and social obligations with the large company staff in Jamaica, Sondra and I had little time to misbehave. Finally, we were finished, and at our host's suggestion, we asked the chauffeur, Samuel, to come up to our room to arrange an island tour the next day (our last full day on the island). Samuel was a good-looking man, older than us, very black, with a trace of gray at his temples, and that wonderful island accent. Sondra and I had been drinking since lunch, and I offered Samuel one, which he accepted. After talking about the different island sights and routes we could take, Samuel asked to use the bathroom. Sondra smiled at me and said, "Did you see the huge lump in Samuel's pants?" I smiled back, "And I guess you plan to investigate further?" Just then, Samuel returned and sat down. We talked a little more, and then I said I was tired and would see Samuel i...
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This all happened a few years ago while on a long weekend get away to Ft Lauderdale. We booked a beautiful ocean view room on the beach for a weekend of sun and fun. After checking in late that afternoon, I put on my swim trunks and told my wife I was heading to the pool. She said she wanted to freshen up and would meet me at the tiki bar. After a quick dip in the pool I went to the bar and ordered a couple of margarita's.

At least thirty minutes had past, so I started to walk back to our room when I noticed another tiki bar around the corner and my wife was sitting there talking to a gentleman. When I walked up she asked how my swim was and then introduced me to James, a good looking casually dressed black man from Jamaica. My wife is a real looker and I noticed how fresh and sexy she looked in her bright yellow loose fitting top and a short colorful summer wrap she bought just for this trip. It caught my and James eye at the same time when my wife gently leaned ove...
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Its Not Cheating If

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My name is Becky. I am 49. I am 5'2" tall with red hair, medium sized breasts and I weigh about 145 lbs. In spite of the fact that I have a little extra padding. I carry it well and I am told that I look ten years younger than my age. I still get looks from men both younger and older than I am. My husband Steve and I have been married for ten years. He is 7 years older than I am. It's my first marriage, his second.

Although I have been sexually active since my teens. I have always been a one man type girl. I have had several long term relationships in my life and I never cheated on anyone who I was in a relationship with; that is until was was married.

Even before we were married I knew that Steve had a kinky side. I knew that he had been involved in several threesomes with a couple that he had known. When he told me about it, I told him that I could never do anything like that. He dropped the subject and never brought it up again till after w...
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An American In Paris

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The air clung to me, thick with humidity. One of those oppressive Parisian days, hot, sticky and uncomfortable. Not a great day to go shopping, but a girl has to keep in practice.

I've lived in Paris for about a year. What a shopaholic's paradise. Someone with my addiction to spending money doesn't take long to find her way around. Rue du Bac has the exciting Conran shop, Boulevard Raspail is bursting with those typically French boutiques with their snooty ‘madames', and my favorite, Rue de la Seine is lined with the most fascinating antiques shops you will ever see.

Paris has a strange ability to look shabby and worn on the outside, but be incredibly exciting and vibrant when you get to know it. Unlike the men I've met here so far, who are just the opposite. Oh well, maybe I'm just too fussy, but it does explain why I often go home alone.

More often than not the carrier bags you get in the boutiques are more op...
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Filling Up Amy

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My beautiful wife Amy is 25 years old. She is 5'5 with long dark hair, a tight body, long legs, and nice perky breast. She's the kind of girl that turns heads when walking down the street. But the thing that really sets Amy apart from all the other girls is her pussy. She has the hottest little pussy on the face of this planet. 

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New Boss

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Hi Judy here, i thought i would share my story with you, Im 32 divorce for a few years. Still looking pretty good to ,if i say so. 5ft 6 134# long brown hair and eyes, I carry around 38c that still look pretty good.

Well i work for this company for a few years, My boss took care of all the travel stuff and setting thing up and all the money and bills . Well she got a new boss that was over her and a few others, He wasn't there long and he fired a few people, One of those people was my boss. I never heard why she was fired. We had the big event coming up and he told me to take thing over and set things up, and if i did a good job i mite get her job. Well i help her but never did it, So i was a bit stess out with it. But her pay was 3 times mine and i was trying to buy this house. So this would work out really well for me. So i had to go with all our people to this event. Its was nuts and I'm doing rooms and take care of all the stuff with it and trying to keep up...
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