Neighbours II

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“You look so sexy you fucking slut, open that horny, old cunt for me, I’m going to fuck the shit out of you, you dirty, slutty old whore.”

“Oh, Josh, I want to be your mature slut fuck, tell me I’m your whore. Tell me how you want your big, hard cock in my wet cunt, tell me, tell me how you’re going to fuck me, Josh, I want your young cock to fill me full of cum.”

This was a side of Gail that I had never seen. How long had their relationship been going on? She obviously loved to play the old slut to his young stud. I was both shocked and incredibly turned on by this display and I released my cock from the confines of my pants. My erection was incredibly hard and I stoked it slowly.

“Turn around and get on your hands and knees, you horny slag and show me your ass,” Josh said as he removed his shirt.

“Yes, I will, I will but show me your cock first, I want to see it.”

“You’ll see it and you’ll feel it in your mouth and old pussy. I’m going to fuck you and you’re not going to want me to stop, now turn around like I told you to you dirty slut.”

“Yes, Josh, I will, just fuck me like the whore I am,” and she turned and presented her ass to him.

Josh walked over to Gail and roughly mauled her ass then gave her two hard spanks on each cheek and said, “When I tell you to do something, you do it! You’ll see my cock when I’m good and ready. From now on you call me sir, is that clear you cheap, slutty whore?” and he spanked her again.

“Oh yes, Sir, I’m sorry, I just love your cock inside me so much and I need it bad, I sorry, Sir.”

He didn’t respond, he spread her pussy lips and asked, “How many times has this old cunt had a cock it? He rammed two fingers in and finger-fucked her with force.”

“Oh. . .hundreds. . .thousands but I want yours the most, its so thick and hard, no one has ever fucked me like you do, Sir.”

“You should thank me for sticking my cock in an old, used cunt like this,” and his fingers worked harder.

“I do thank you Sir; I thank you every time you fuck me with your big, beautiful cock.”

“I like to hear you say that you horny slut, get on your knees.”

Gail got down onto her knees beside the bed and Josh stood in front of her. “Alright, you know what to do,” he said.

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir, oh thank you Sir,” Gail said sounding grateful and she unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. His cock sprang into view, I saw it clearly for the first time and it was very long, thick and hard. Gail stared at it but did not touch it. Josh held his erection and stroked it then held it up against his stomach. “Suck my balls, slut,” he demanded and Gail leaned forward and licked and sucked his bag while she fingered herself. “Okay whore, tell me what your mouth is for.”

“It’s for your cock, Sir, to fuck and if you want, to fill with cum,” Gail said as she looked up at him.


Gail opened her mouth and Josh held her head with both hands and rammed his cock in and bucked his hips. He fucked her mouth in a way that I would never have thought of doing and there was no doubt she was enjoying it. I had to stop stroking my cock for I was close to shooting my wad over the closet door.

When he pulled out Gail was gasping and he picked her up and pushed her over the edge of the bed. “Spread your legs,” he ordered and she opened them very wide. He looked down at her bent over the bed, her ass and pussy very exposed to him. “That’s a good position for a fucking slut, legs spread and a hungry, old pussy spread. Are you ready for some cock, slut?” he asked as he stroked his big erection.

“Oh yes, Sir, stick your cock in my wet cunt and fuck it hard, I want to feel you hot cum splash inside me,” Gail panted with excitement.

He spanked each cheek of her ass then rammed his cock into her without mercy. Gail moaned loudly as her fucked her rougher than I had ever thought of doing. He grabbed her hands and held them behind her back as her continued to slam into her.

She just moaned, “Yes, yes, fuck me Sir, fuck your slut, fill my cunt with cum,” over and over.

I could see Gail’s lovely ass from my hiding place and it looked so erotic the way it moved every time Josh slammed hard into her. The sound his cock was making told me that her pussy was super wet and that and her erotic and filthy words were too much for me and I shot a heavy load somewhere into the darkness of the closet.

Josh turned Gail over and pounded her as he stood beside the bed then they finished off fucking doggy-style with a lot of mutual moaning and screaming at the end. They collapsed together on the bed in each other’s arms and kissed passionately. “I love acting as your slut, it’s something I could never do with John somehow but with you it seems so natural. . .and horny. Your mature, horny slut, it turns me on so much,” Gail said as she lazily teased his hair.

“Me too, I’m so glad you suggested it. I had sex with two older women when I was in Africa, one black and the other white but they came nowhere close to you. I find you so erotic and sensual especially when you dress up like this for me, I could fuck you every day.”

They kissed briefly then Gail said, “I wished you could but now it’s time for you to go,” and she tousled his hair.

click here for Watch Me Fucked After Josh left Gail took a quick shower, dressed and left in her car. I made my way back to my car and drove home. When Gail came home I was having a cold drink by the pool and she called out that she had got a couple of nice steaks for supper. While I was waiting for her to come home I realized how much I had been turned on by watching her with Josh. My cock still tingled at the memory of her as a mature slut for a young stud with a big cock. I had decided to say nothing and look for opportunities to watch her again and at some point I hoped to tell her I knew and watch openly, join in and perhaps find other studs for her. Josh’s comment about the black woman in Africa had stuck with me and I thought watching a young black stud with a huge dick fuck Gail would be very exciting.

A few days later I saw the airport limo pull up next door and a tanned Molly and Bill staggered up the path with bags and made their way inside. We had them over for dinner the following evening and heard all about their fun in the sun.

I couldn’t get watching Gail out of my mind and the opportunity arose two days after Molly and Bill arrived back home. I told Gail I had signed up for an all day seminar about birding in Costa Rica and Belize and would be gone from about 8:30-3:00. I knew she had an appointment with the hairdresser at 9:00 so I hoped my plan would work and I would go undetected while I watched from my hiding place. I knew the plan was full of holes; Gail might meet Josh in the pool house again or in any room in the house but I was banking that they would use the bedroom. I parked at the lake again and walked back to the house through the ravine.

I was so excited that my heart raced and I had to tell myself to calm down. Sure enough Gail’s car was gone and I made my way to the bedroom. I turned the TV on and the volume down low. About an hour later I heard a car in the driveway and looked out to see Gail open the door. I turned off the TV and ensconced myself in the closet. Gail came upstairs and removed her clothes and went into the bathroom. After freshening up she put on a half-cup bra, black garter belt, fishnet stockings and stilettos. My cock was so hard and I had a strong urge to open the door and fuck her myself.

She sat on the edge of the bed and picked up the phone, “Hi, I missed you so much. . .yes, I’m ready. . .can you come now. . .right, the back door is open.” She hung up the phone and took a quick glance out the window then stood in front of the full-length mirror. She caressed her big tits then turned and looked back as she felt her ass. Facing the mirror again, she toyed with her pussy and spoke in a low tone, “Oh, hurry up, I’ve missed you so much, I want your huge cock inside me.”

I heard the back door open and Gail lay on the bed and spread her legs. The footsteps on the stairs got closer; my heart was racing with excitement again. The door pushed open and Bill walked in. I was stunned, I couldn’t believe my eyes but it was him. He gazed at Gail as he shed his clothes with a smile on his face. I saw where Josh inherited his big cock, Bill’s looked even bigger and it was very erect.

“I’ve missed you, my cock has missed you,” as he stroked his cock and watched Gail play with her pussy and tits.

“Come and fuck me, I’ve missed you and your big cock so much,” she answered and lifted her legs high and wide in the air.

Bill hopped up onto the bed and mounted her immediately. They kissed and I watched his ass move up and down as Gail accommodated his huge cock. They fucked in several positions for over an hour and Gail seemed to really get off sucking his cock. She was on top of him when he shot his load and I watched his cum slide down his cock as Gail continued to bounce on top of him.

“I must be off,” Bill said looking at his watch, “I have a job in Tyler, it’s a pain and I won’t get home ‘til midnight but the pay is too good to turn down.”

“When can you come again?” Gail asked.

“I’ll be sure to let you know, when is John going out of town?”

“He visits his brother in two weeks and he’ll be gone a week.”

“Good,” Bill smiled, “we’ll try and see each other every day.”

“Oh, you horny man. . .every day! I’d like your big cock in me every day.”

He kissed her and left. Gail lay on the bed for a while playing with herself then she picked up the phone. “Hello darling, half an hour, yes, I’ll leave the back door open.”

What now I thought and I stayed put while Gail took a quick shower. She put on some sexy lingerie and when she heard the back door open she got on her hands and knees facing the door. When Josh walked in she said, “Your old slut is ready to be fucked, Sir. Her pussy is open and ready for your big cock.”

I watched for another hour as Gail and Josh played out their game. Josh said he was going over to Tyler to help his Dad and when Gail showered it gave me the chance to scram. I hadn’t planned being in the closet that long and there was somewhere I had to be. My cock was hard and pulsing in my pants as I went to Bill and Molly’s back door and knocked. Molly answered with a big grin and I asked, “Have Bill and Josh gone?”

“Yes,” she replied, “come in. Bill is over in Tyler and Josh has gone to help him.”

I stepped through the door, closed it behind me and turned. Molly had her arms open and I walked into them and we hugged and kissed.

“I’ve waited for this moment for over two weeks,” she said.

“Me too,” I replied, “I’ve thought about fucking you a thousand times. Your nice and tanned, did you have a good time?”

“Yes, we spent a lot of time on the nude beach, Bill likes to flash his big cock around but it’s your cock I want and I want it right now. She took hold of my hand and led up the stairs and into the bedroom. She was rubbing my cock through my pants and I was feeling her lovely round ass and could feel her huge tits pressing against me. We undressed each other and fell on the bed. Two hours later we lay in each other’s arms and I said, “Have you and Bill ever done any role playing?”

“Bill likes me to dress up a maid, you know, stockings, heels, short, tight skirt, tits falling out. I go about dusting, bending over, just being sexy and provocative while Bill sits and watches me. After a while he comes up behind me while I’m bending over and asks me if I’d like to make a little extra money. I suck his dick then he bends me over a chair and gives me a real good fucking. Don’t get me wrong, I like it but I wish he would vary the scenario once in a while and I do like dressing up sexy.”

“Would you like to role play with me?”

“What do you have in mind, you naughty thing?”

“I want you to wear one of those half bras that push your tits up and forward, a garter belt with stockings, stilettos and a tiny little thong, all in black. I want you to be my slutty, whore and talk like one, call your pussy a cunt and beg me to fuck you like the slag you are.”

Molly was quiet for a minute then she fondled my stiffening cock and said, “How would you like to fuck the cunt of a slutty whore right now.”

I rolled on top and her fingers directed me inside to a very hot and wet place.

End of Story
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