Our Trip To Paradise (Last Part)

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(Faith) Oh no, not my toes! I hope those two girls don't hear me. Damn him. OHhhh.
I knew wearing this bathing suit would drive him nuts but I had no idea how it would affect me. I feel so naked and exposed. I feel so .horny. God I have to fuck Rod soon or I am just going to embarrass myself. At least I have company, the two girls have bikini's on even though they aren't thongs like mine. Well good, at least Rod will pay attention to me. Oh, he is finally moving up my legs, God I love massages but here in public? Damn. Rod, please just put lotion on me, forget the massage, please don't do this to me in public, I whispered to him. He never listens, expecially when his cock gets hard like now.

(Rod) She is hot. The time I spent on the toes is paying off. I just love to squirt the lotion on her in a stream then rub it in. It looks just my cum and very sexy looking. Ouch! I need to adjust my cock, it's all cramped up but those two babes are watching us close. Hope they don't get offended by our little sex play. I finally make my way to those firm globes and slowly rub and tease her ass. I pick up the small string that's resting between her cheeks and move it aside and rub gently a little lotion on her anus. She loves this and this action usually results in her throwing open her legs and letting me mount her. .But today, she just yelps! Loudly! And pushes back so my middle finger enters her. The young couple next to us hears and turns to watch. The two girls don't even try to hide their interest. Both sit up and start talking with Faith. Boy, what do girls talk about when one is obviously getting creamed by their guy. Women!

(Faith) Rod won't listen and now look what happened, everyone is looking at us me! But the hell with it, this is feeling so fine. I was shocked Rod lifted my thong and touched my back button and even more bizarre, I really can't believe I pushed back on this finger. I love it when he enters me there. His finger slipped in so easily. The two girls, Lisa and Rachel, must have felt pity on me because soon after that they struck up a conversation. I learned they were on break from school and were out to have girl fun. No, Rod is not available to apply lotion to you girls, he's mine. Yes you can watch, but no funny business. By now Rod's lotion play is to my back. His gentle massage is so relaxing that I drift in and out of consiousness. When he asks me to turn over I don't hesitate to flip over. When I feel his hands on my breasts I realize that my top had come off (the creep untied my top) and I was topless in front of everyone. Screw it. This feels so good.

(Rod) I finished with the back and stealthly untied her top. So when she turned over on her back, her beautiful breasts were meeting the sun for the first time. Her white mounds looked so luscious that I couldn't help but lean over and kiss her little nipple. That's when I heard a slap and a yell from the couple next to us. When I looked up the girl was already showing her tail lights and the guy was embarrassed and slowly picking up their things. Guess he got too interested in our play for his woman. The commotion put the skids on our play and a good thing too, I think Faith was ready to be fucked and it didn't matter who was watching. We both jumped up, Faith grabbed her top and we fled to the water.

Tonight was the MIXER..., a party the resort cooks up to try and get the guests to mingle and have fun. This is one of many lifestyle events that the hotel wants to be known for. The staff even picks out guests for special treatment and fun. So I wasn't surprised to see that Faith received a flyer that asked her to participate in some harmless fun at tonights mixer. Their instructions included what to wear. For instance they asked her to wear a short skirt and bikini top and sandals. After she showed me the flyer I asked if she wanted to go and she surprised me by saying that she was expected to go and she wanted to be a good sport. Honey, this mixer is being held in the FUN section where no children are allowed and it starts at 11:00pm. I think you might be surprised by what is expected. She just grinned. Does she know about the TWISTER?

(Faith) When Rod asked me if I wanted to go to the Mixer, I had second thoughts. The cute guy that gave me the flyer singled me out and I think I know why. It had to be our behavior at the beach. They must think I am some slut that will do anything to get attention. But I noticed that the two college girls also got a flyer and that made me feel proud that these young guys would want to see more of me. So I told Rod hell yes, I am going. And I brought the perfect skirt for the party. I wanted to surprise Rod with something that I brought so now was the time to unveil it. A plaid pleated short, short skirt. When Rod saw it, he smiled long and wide. After I put it on along with the bikini top I planned on wearing, he picked me up and carried me to our bed. I am starting to think that he won't be able to keep up with me during this crazy trip. Every time he sees me seductively dressed, he wants to fuck.

What's he going to do when all the other men see me dressed like this and want me like he does? But instead of freaking out, he just gets that silly grin on his face. He must know something about tonight that I don't. You think?

(Rod) When we arrived at the remote room for the mixer (man you needed a map and a special knock to get in) you could see instantly that this was the place to be. Several great looking women in short skirts and bikini tops were there obviously selected for tonights entertainment. The guys were the contestants for the surfing competition, horny good looking studs, looking to get laid. The rest of us guys were the unlucky husband and boyfriends of the hot women present. We didn't know at the time but none of us spouses or boyfriends would be selected for the twister play but had a shot at being the color wheel spinner. That was my lot. I got to be a spinner, at least I at would be close to the action and naked. I just love being free and loose and erect. I wonder if I will be Faiths spinner?

Twister rules 6 women and 12 guys participate. The girls are dressed in short skirts, bikini tops, thong panties and sandals.. the guys are naked. The girls are selected by the resort staff the guys are selected by the audience. The guys who want to participate line up against the wall and subject themselves to a beauty contest. The best looking guys get chosen.
4 regular twister game mats are on the floor. Each mat has 16 large colorful circles, yellow, red, blue, and green, 4 each of each color. Two guys and a girl match up to compete against each other on each mat. One boy is the spinner or refeere, the other boy is on the mat with the girl. At the flick of a color wheel by the teams refeere, each contestant puts a right foot, left foot, right hand, left hand on the selected color. For instance, the first color that comes up is yellow. So the girl goes and stands on the yellow

circle and the guy stands on another yellow circle. The next color selected is green, so the girl puts her right foot on the green while keeping her left foot on the yellow circle, and so on until one contestant falls down or touches the mat with a body part other than a foot or hand attempting to reach the circle. When one contestant falls, the competition is over and all three contestants go behind a curtain. The color wheel guy is the referee and watches while the loser has to kiss the winner for 30 seconds. The zinger is that the loser can only touch the other with their lips while the winner can use their hands any way they choose. At the end of each kiss, the referee gets to remove one article of clothing of his choice from the female if she was the loser. The loser can not repeat kissing the same body part after each loss. For instance, the loser, the guy can kiss the winners lips only once. The next time a kiss is due, the time of the kiss is doubled and must be place somewhere else on the body, for instance a nipple. The location of the kiss is determined by the referee. The object of the game is for the guy on the mat to arrange hisself on the mat where he would be able to insert his dick into the girls pussy. She must try to avoid his penetration. The activity behind the curtain is to heat up the contestants so that fucking on the mat in front of the audience is inevitable. The referee gets the pleasure of removing the girls clothing and selecting where kisses are to be placed and times the activity. Oh, the activity behind the curtain can be seen by the audience by a special mirror located above the area. The contestants don't know of this mirror and think that their play is unseen by their partners and the audience.

(Faith) I feel so sexy and naughty in this outfit. The skirt was perfect, pleated and way to short. I was hoping that tonight's activity didn't get too active as my ass was close to being exposed just by walking. God, this might be too weird for me. When we got to the room, I felt instantly at ease. The other girls were beautiful and the boys, yikes, I was getting wet just thinking about the possibilities and when I saw Jared there, I knew I was in trouble. He is gorgeous. Twister party. I remember twister games as a child but what is a twister party for adults and why was I dressed like this.
The evening started out great with a guy beauty contest. We get to pick 12 guys for this party and I voted for Jared hoping that he would be on my team. Rod got picked too, our college girl friends made a fuss over him and got the other ladies to vote him in. The big surprise was that the 12 guys had to strip naked to participate so the beauty contest was even hotter. Look at Rod, his large cock is at full mast. He is such a show off. Jared's cock started to thicken when he waved and said hello to me. I guess he thinks I'm sexy. Or does he know that I would love to feel that cock pounding me. I couldn't take my eyes off his small waist and tight ass, God, his cock looks larger than Rods. Much larger. Why does my pussy itch?

(Rod) I never thought I would get picked for the beauty contest and was shocked to discover that I had to strip. The other 11 guys were young and solid but when the shorts dropped, I was not ashamed. My cock was standing tall as it likes the wide open spaces so when the ladies voted, my erection helped me out. Some guys cocks shrink when they get embarrassed and so some of these studs had little peepers on display. Oh shit, theres Jared. I knew he would show up. Shit, his cock is limp but clearly thicker and longer than mine. What a stud. Great looking ass. I wonder if Faith thinks so? He sees Faith and is smiling at her. His cock is growing. Jesus, it's bigger than I thought. I wonder if she is going to try to be his partner for the twister game. How will I feel if he is able to put that large cock into Faith during the game? Will she let him? Will I be able to watch him slip that large cock into her little pussy and not get jealous? Opps. Just thinking about it strengthen my cock and its starting to leak. I hate when that happens? I think both of heads are going to enjoy Faiths unflowering.

Now that the contestants have been picked and the girls are giggling and busy talking to one another, the referees are selected from the group of naked men. The referees are important to this game as they get to select the teams and get to chose the clothes that come off the women. But they play an even more important role, they get to select for the audience how far the couples will go behind the curtain. They could keep it innocent or they can move the action to nipple hardening levels. The referees are the ones in charge of the sexual level of the action and the referees were chosen carefully. The resort wants to be known as a swinging destination where couples fantasies come true.

(Faith) Rod getting picked as a referee could spoil everything. But by the looks of his erection, maybe not. Rod gets to pick the first team as he is the oldest guy here. Oh shit, he picks me and Jared. What is he thinking? Does he really want to watch Jared and I play? Can he handle it? As we move to our twister mat, I give Rods cock a gentle squeeze and lead him over to our area like his cock is a leash. Just wanted him to remember that I am with him and that I am his woman. Jared and I stand off the mat and Rod is off to the other side. Jared pats my ass as Rod looks away and I can tell he is very interested in giving me a ride. God, its weird standing next to a naked guy who has a hard on and leaves no doubt that he is going to fuck me before the night is over. Being the female I go first and Rod selects yellow. Jared gets a red. Back and forth we go, first the foot then the hand and over and over. Pretty soon, Jared and I are crisscrossed bodies his cock touching my belly. I get a green and fall reaching for it. Shit, here we go. Behind the curtain. Since I'm the loser I have to kiss Jared where Rod directs but no hands are allowed, at least mine. The winner gets to sit on the chair. I have to stand. After the curtain in pulled shut, Rod tells me to kiss Jared on the lips for 30 seconds as he clicks the stopwatch. I lean over Jared and gently kiss his cute lips. He is a naughty boy and puts his hands on both sides of my head and moves our gentle kiss to a heated exchange. He assaults my mouth with his tongue so I open my mouth to accept him. I suck on his tongue, mimicking my cock sucking technique, getting a moan from him. 30 seconds goes fast. Whew! That was hot. Rods cock thinks so to as it is bone hard and leaking precum. I have to remove an article of clothing and Rod gets to pick. Does he want my breasts exposed or is it my pussy he wants everyone to see. I hope it's my tits, I'm not going to let Jared fuck me in front of Rod and I don't want to spoil our fun too soon. I have never been naked in front of others and having sex in public is way over the top. No way, Jose!

(Rod) What a blast watching Jared and Faith twist and turn their bodies on the mat. My sweet Faith is so beautiful and a great sport. I can tell Jared keeps picking dots that place his cock on Faith. How can she stand it? Having a cute 6'2..., hot naked guy rubbing his cock on her body every chance he gets. Damn this is hot. Opps, Faith slips, here we go behind the curtain. Jared sits and I select the lips (face of course) for the first kiss, only 30 seconds, what could happen? I forget he gets to use his hands and he grabs Faiths head and plants a strong kiss on her. Wow! 30 seconds goes fast and I separate them. Faith looks dazed, Jared has a wicked grin on his face and his cock is poking Faith in the leg.. Now I have to select an article of clothing for Faith to remove. This is easy, the thong goes first. Now her pussy is exposed and available for play.

What a good sport, Faith lets me remove it with out a fuss. I go to my knees, flip her skirt up over my head, and hook my thumbs into the small fabric. As I expose her pussy, I lean in and slip my tongue between her pussy lips, she is hot and soaked. Faith is ready for some serious action, at least her pussy is. I appreciate her pulling my head against her tighter as she grinds her pubic bone into my face. Jared is watching, to bad buddy, this one is mine. Why is he chuckling?

(Faith) My Panties? Jesus Rod, my panties? What are you thinking? Shit, Jared will be aiming that big cock at my pussy the rest of the night. If he gets the right position on the mat and he has a hard on,that fat cock will find its way into my pussy. And I don't think I will be able to stop it. I need it, I want it real bad. I am so ready to be mounted, to feel my vagina muscles being stretched, to feel a strong good looking guy between my thighs. I want to squeeze this hunk and lock my ankles around his waist. I want to fuck Jared. God that kiss has lit my fire. When he grabbed my head I could tell he wanted me bad. I love to tease Rod with the tongue sucking maneuver and when I did it with Jared, I could feel his cock about burst against my leg. God he is big. I know by the time this night is over, I will be his bitch.

(Rod) Round two. Faith is trying to keep her skirt down but it's a losing battle. As Jared and Faith twist and turn trying to find the next circle, Jared is able to rub that cock on Faiths pussy twice, but Faith keeps her love seam moving just out of reach. She isn't gonna let Jared get an easy win. He's going to have to work for it. Jared hits the ground this time and off we go behind the curtain. Faith has to sit on the chair and but gets to use her hands. This is a 1 minute kiss and the location? I select her bare, sweet pussy of course. Jared kneels in front of Faith but she isn't opening her legs and since he can't use his hands this is a clear violation of the rules. Jared appeals to the referee (me) for a ruling. Because of her resistance, she will have to put a blindfold on and have her arms tied behind her. When I finished the velvet rope work, Jared gets right to it. He starts by kissing her toes (Faiths weakness) quickly working up to her thighs and finally her pussy lips. It's funny to watch Jared, as he can't use his hands. So he is laying on the floor while kissing and tongueing Faiths toes. She still isn't giving in so easily. He works around her love tunnel without penetrating her with his tongue. With this new assault on her body, she looks like she is finally giving in, as she is leaning back, opening her legs wide, and moaning her pleasure. She has totally given into the pleasure that Jared is giving her. Jared's throbbing cock is poised ready to complete Faiths undoing. Faith is ready for mounting but before Jared could thrust into her I push Jared aside and take his position. Faith must be thinking that Jared is lining up and getting in position to take her. Just as I penetrate her, Jared removes her blindfold and sees me over her. She gasps and grimaces when I plunge fully into her. Jared removes her ties and takes her hand and places it around his cock. He is huge and leaking precum all over Faiths hand while she attempts to fully grasp it. I complete a few thrusts and pull out. Faith is in a complete fog, unfulfilled. I grab her hand and lead her out to the Twister mat. The applause is vigorous. Our audience had been watching us the whole time.

(Faith) I feel so exposed out on the mat again what with my pussy uncovered and this short skirt not helping, Damn.. As Jared and I look to not fall during the game, I have to keep aware of the location of Jared's cock. That means I have to keep my eye focused on that hunk of meat. Shit, it looks hot. Twice now, Jared got close to penetrating me. Isn't it obvious to Rod that Jared keeps trying to put that thick cock in me. I know the audience is aware because each time he gets close the crowd gasps, like she is going to get it now. But luckily Jared falls and this game of chase ends and we go behind the curtain. I am really looking forward to kissing Jared but I'm a little concerned that Rod is really losing it. The look of lust in his eyes is scary. When I put my overheated ass on the chair I yelp as it is so cold. But I smooth my skirt over my thighs and keep my knees together. No, I'm not opening my legs, what, you want him to kiss me on my pussy? For a minute. I put up a little fuss, I don't want to give in to easily to these boys, but frankly, I need relief. I don't even care about the blindfold and velvet ropes. Would someone please fuck me. Ohhhhhh. Mmmmmmmmmmm, Jared's tongue feels so good. I can't keep my legs together anymore, they have a mind of their own. Please suck on my clit. Oh yes. Oh, I feel him lining up his cock to fuck me, god yes, Oh, here it comes, oh god yes. Please fuck me hard. Take my blindfold off, oh thank god its Rod in me, oh thank god, I thought Rod let Jared fuck me but, no matter, just get to it, harder. When Jared puts his cock in my hand I can't believe it. It's so thick, I cant get my fingers around it. God it feels and looks so strong. What! No, don't pull out, oh shit, please fuck me some more here. On please no. I cant go back out there, not like this. Why are they applauding. Have they been watching us the whole time. What is going on?

(Rod)Wow, the audience is pushing around our mat to watch the next round. Must be thirty people here. Mostly surfer guys but more than enough good looking women. Everyone seems to have a glow about them, must be the booze, but maybe it's the anticipation of this next game.
There's Faith, smoothing down her skirt and trying to get her composure back but I can tell she is in a bad way, she looks ready for some heated fun. Jared is such a stud. Look at that cock, its still erect. He's gathering a lot of admirers what a showoff.

YELLOW. Both Faith and Jared step on Yellow, Jared picking the closet circle nearest Faith. She is definitely in his sights.
Blue. Faith leans over to place her left hand on blue and Jared does the same. They are side by side now. Faiths skirt has risen up high on her ass and her whole ass and pussy are exposed. Her pussy is swollen and moist from all the pounding. God is she ready.
Yellow. Ahhhh, this will be interesting. Faith has to stretch over Jared with her other leg. Oh, she is stretching over his waist.

Oh, shit, Jared is aiming his cock right to her love entrance. I don't know what made me do it but I reached out and grasped his cock and placed it between her pussy lips and shoved it in a little. Now his cock head is poking her lips. Wow, Faith slipped (or did she?) and his cock penetrated her about half way. Jared now has to reach for the other yellow circle. . He won't reach it, here they come crashing down with Jared on top of her. He grabs her ass and shoves his cock in the rest of the way, pinning her to the mat. The crowd is cheering and closing in to watch the couples fucking. They are both lost in the moment. Faith circles hers legs around Jared's waist and is thrusting back. Faith is fucking another guy right here in front of everyone and me. What has come over her? I find myself stroking my rod watching the action. Man this is hot. Faith looks awesome with this studs big cock in her. Faith was cuming hard and often. She was getting off on the size of that cock with it reaching places that haven't been touched before. Certainly not by me.

After Jared squirted the last of his cum and pulled out of my Faith, I stepped right in before someone else got any ideas. When I enter her, she was wet and sloppy but oh what a feeling. Sloppy seconds, my first time, and that is probably what caused me to cum so quickly. Or was it the knowledge that Faith had given me the best experience possible.
The crowd around us disappeared quickly and we found our cloths and headed to our room to continue our lovemaking. What will tomorrow bring?

(Faith) Is feels weird to be standing next to two naked guys and a crowd of people pushing and shoving around us. When Rod called out Yellow, I was pulled out of my haze and thought that these people are watching to see if Jared is going to get that fat cock into my pussy during the game. NO way, I'm not going to let these people watch, its embarrassing but oh, what the hell, what happens here stays here. Isn't that what Rod said? Isn't this what he wants? Well big boy, we are going to see how much you can handle. Jared's hard on is such a distraction, its hard enough concentrating on this twister. Oh, this next move is going to put my ass in the air, shit everyone can see my pussy and after Rod's pounding its gaping and wet. NO, Jared is reaching over me to reach a circle and I can feel his cockhead rubbing my clit. God, Rod put his hand on Jareds cock and pushed it into me. Oh, now it's slipping all the way in, oh god that feels so good. OH, get off me you big lug. Yikes, he just slammed that cock into me. Ok, if you want a ride here it comes, lets see how long you can last bi boy. AHHHHHHHHHhhhh, that's not fair, ohhhh I cant hold off, OHhhhhh. God that's good. Oh look at the great stud shooting his cuming, didn't last, HAAA HA

Get off me, Rod, come here and finish this. YES!

End of Story
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