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(Faith) Oh no, not my toes! I hope those two girls don't hear me. Damn him. OHhhh.

I knew wearing this bathing suit would drive him nuts but I had no idea how it would affect me. I feel so naked and exposed. I feel so .horny. God I have to fuck Rod soon or I am just going to embarrass myself. At least I have company, the two girls have bikini's on even though they aren't thongs like mine. Well good, at least Rod will pay attention to me. Oh, he is finally moving up my legs, God I love massages but here in public? Damn. Rod, please just put lotion on me, forget the massage, please don't do this to me in public, I whispered to him. He never listens, expecially when his cock gets hard like now.

(Rod) She is hot. The time I spent on the toes is paying off. I just love to squirt the lotion on her in a stream then rub it in. It looks just my cum and very sexy looking. Ouch! I need to adjust my cock, it's all cramped up but those two babes are watchin...
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Faith and I have been living together for some 3 years now and were working hard to scratch out a life for ourselves. Let me describe us first, I'm 6' tall and resisting getting old, I like to keep my hair short and my package nicely trimmed. I'm a successful manager at a local hospital and fell in love with my best employee. Faith is my secret lover and friend. This thin hunk of woman can be simply described as a wet dream in person. 5' 2" maybe 105 lbs, with a body crafted by the gods. Beautiful breasts (b cup) and the cutest tight ass in the neighborhood. With her small waist and flat stomach, her ass is even more the center of my attention and most breathing men she slips by. Faith is a sexy woman who loves her man and loves dressing so that his eye stays on her. We met at work and had been carrying on a hot secret love affair under the noses of everyone. Us two love birds are living in sin and have been living simply and below our means so that the crushing de...
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